Can i do just 75 questions for 6 hours?

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i hear that if i just do 75 questions for 6 hours, the score will be based on the last 60 something answers....(this isn't a fact...i just heard about it)

then, why waste my energy to do more questions, which is like pushing myself to go further on the edge of a cliff?

just go easy and spend 4 minutes per each Q, and take two breaks. dunno if i am allow to smoke during the breaks though.

is this the ultimate strategy that we are not supposed to talk about?

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do not think like this, yes if you run over time the computer will assess the last 60 questions however this may look bad and mean a fail.

Yes, it just assesses the last 60 questions if you run out of time. But they all have to be above the passing level. Even if you get them all right and there's one below the passing level for the NCLEX, you won't pass. I wouldn't consider that an ultimate strategy because you don't know what you're going to get and it's pretty risky.

i have to get all of the last 60 Q correct?

Really? then say i do 200 questions.

i know that it can mean that i did enugh to pass, or to fail.

but it is still possible that this can be considered running out of time.

so in this case, i also have to get all of the last 60 Q to pass?

also, doing just 75 Q does not necessarily mean that it's running out of time...rite?

maybe i m not smart enough to comprehend why pple are not recommending doing 75 questions in 6 hours...

According to my understanding, you don't have to get the last 60 correct to pass, but they all have to be above the passing level. I'd still say that's pretty risky, I wouldn't recommend it.

then, it is regardless of whether i get it right or not...

do u know how often the computer evaluates my level?

i m a minimalist.... so can u recommend how many Q is minimum and still does not hurt?

The computer evaluates your level with every single question, regardless if you answer the question right or wrong....every question is evaluated and thus determines your next question and its level.

Sorry I really don't know. I can only tell you what I know about the part of the final 60 questions and running out of time.

#1: i have to have all of the last 60 Q stay on the passing levels.

#2: the computer evaluates my level with every Q.

Then, doesn't this imply that i have to get all of last 60 Q right, when i am running out of time?

My understanding is that just because you get a question wrong doesn't mean that the question itself isn't above the passing level of the NCLEX.

For example; let's say you get a select all that apply question and you get it wrong. That still means that the question is above passing level, now lets say that the computer gives you an "easier" question to answer that's still above the passing line and you get it right and so you get a "harder" type of question like SATA. Even though you got the 1st SATA question in this example wrong, it was still above the passing level and so it would be considered passing if you ran out of time and the last 60 of your questions were above the passing level, even if you got one wrong.

Conversely, let's say you get a string of wrong answers and you're given questions below the passing level for the NCLEX and these questions were part of the last 60 you answered before you ran out of time. Even if you answered the questions correct, because you were answering questions below the passing level, this means that you fail.

Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my understanding.

thank you.

so basically, it does not really hurt to do just 75 Q in 6 hours, if i think that chunk of them were sata (meaning i am above passing level) and that latter questions were not easy Qs, then just do 75Q. this is my strategy.

(actually spending 4 minutes per each Q was little ridiculous.)

if i feel that i m not getting any sata, and that Qs are getting easy, then i continue.

if not i just stop at 75th Q and do nothing for the next hours.

You can download the brochure from the NCSBN website which clearly states how you're graded if you run out of time.

"When a candidate runs out of time before completing the maximum number of items, the candidate will pass if their ability estimate has remained above the passing standard for the last 60 items. The candidate will fail if their ability estimate was below the passing standard for any of the last 60 items. This, however, does not mean that you have to answer the last 60 items correctly"

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