Can you complete all pre reqs in 2 semesters?



I will begin my pre requisite course work this fall 2009 and am hoping to be able to begin an accelerated BSN program next fall 2010. Is this possible? I'm not worried about the amount of work, just about whether or not schools will allow this.

Is it possible to take A&P I, A&P II, Microbiology, chemistry I, developmental Psych, Statistics, & nutrition in 2 semesters and a summer? Has anyone done this or been able to schedule this?

Thanks for your help!

it depends on how your school has things set up in regards to prereqs and coreqs. It can be done, i've taken multiple sciences in a semester plus the courses I needed for my major, but it was a big burnout after the first semester. As long as you think you can do fairly well in each class, what's to stop you?


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It can be done, anything is possible if you focus on your goal. I can't see how schools would see that as a negative. If anything, they may admire the fact that you can handle an increased workload (that is assuming you get very good grades) and show that you are ready for an ABSN program.

I personally know myself and was not going to mix 2 different science prereqs in one semester especially with a full-time job. I did however take A&P 1&2 in two 6-week summer sessions and rocked them. Nice to get them out of the way like that. Good luck!


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Hell yes that's possible, but you don't need physio?


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Yes it can be done- is the outcome great in many cases? Remember some of those classes have pre-reqs also... It is hard to get into any/most nursing programs right now, you've pretty much got to score top scores to be competitive.


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It is very possible. Just put your mind to it and you can achieve it. I just started working on my pre req's over the summer semester. I will finish taking all my pre req's by summer 2010 for the ADN program at my school. My work is Summer 09-Eng 111 and Bio 094---Fall 09-A&P 1 and Basic Chemistry---Spring 10-Eng 112, A&P 2, 1st Psych, and Humanities----Summer 10-Microbiology and 2nd psych class. I will be able to roll into the ADN program Fall 2010 if I do well on the Teas test. So it is very doable. Good luck and let your dreams come true.


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Yes it can work! But is school going be your only comitment? Don't work I take 5 college classes, 2 high school classes, and work 1 day a week, and I am currently looking/needing a part time job. IT CAN BE DONE!

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It can certainly be done. I wouldn't want to do it nor could I do it. I congratulate you on being motivated and wanting to get it done quickly.

I myself thought that at first I would take 2 - 3 classes per semester to get the pre-req's out of the way then I took 2 classes and saw how much homework and studying I needed and decided NO WAY... lol... but I also work full time nights and I am 40 so I can't handle that much. I am taking dosage and calculations and intro to health in the fall but when I start the science classes I'll be taking one at a time.


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Yea I think you can. I will be done with all of my pre-req's in two semesters. Good luck!!!


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Hi there! not sure about your location but when I was taking the prerequsite in California some classes are prerequesite of the other class. For example before you take anatomy and physiology, you need to take biology and chemistry. Some school offers a fast paced classes now, so I guess its possible but prepare for studying at night :wink2:

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