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  1. engima2174

    Can you complete all pre reqs in 2 semesters?

    Yes it can be done- is the outcome great in many cases? Remember some of those classes have pre-reqs also... It is hard to get into any/most nursing programs right now, you've pretty much got to score top scores to be competitive.
  2. engima2174

    Any schools in CA that offer online A&P and/or microbio?

    Isn't it required that you take Lab for these classes to qualify for nursing school application? if so, then how does it work?
  3. engima2174

    Bachelor of Science degree in a non nursing major

    Hi Steve, Congratulations for the Science Degree! 1st thing is you know that you want to pursue nursing! now you have to look for possible schools, and then look at their Requirements/Prerequisites. Look at the prerequisites for the nursing classes- very important! PS: Prerequisite requirements are not the same in all schools. You have many options to get into a Associates 2 year program, Accelerated program, 2nd Degree programs. Nursing schools look at GPAs. So you've got to consider what GPA is acceptable in general and what GPA is competitive to have a high chance of getting into the program. 1. What schools are you considering? 2. What are the requirements/prerequisites (GPA, Classes(Anatomy physio, Micro..., TEAS test(any entrance testing needed? ) 3. Is my application competitive? If not, what can I do to beef it up? 4. Supplemental is great- your work experience- need recommendation letters... I have read stories on this site, where students had everything needed but didn't get in, so don't count yourself out. Just do your very best to meet the requirements. Best
  4. engima2174

    So sad

    coachswife! I definitely think taking basic bio class will be helpful in the long run. I have just completed my 1st year of nursing school and most everything revolves around your understanding of Biology. Like many posters have said, you are young! I have classmates in their late 40s and so, you have time on your side. Most importantly, look at what is on your plate and how much you can put into school. Review the class that you didn't perform as you would like, and figure out what went wrong? where could you have fixed things? and then go for it- if that is what you really want! Best
  5. engima2174

    Those who got A's while taking 2 sciences together...

    Depending on your commitment sounds doable! Just plan your time, and make sure you consider your personal life, because all those things factor into your performance. I would suggest you give yourself a head start in reading. How i pulled it off was studying before the classes started, this helped me clarify things as opposed to trying to understand things for the first time. I believe all those classes you mentioned have a Lab- they take time to complete assignments and get hardworking group mates for the assignments.
  6. Congratulations to you and everyone else who made it in this time around! To answer your question. Yes, you can work if you are organized with your time. I would suggest that you attend the first couple of weeks look at the syllabus, look at your selected day for clinical (remember you will also need to write careplans CP)some people have said it takes them 8 hours to write a perfect CP, others 2 hours..) Clinical preps require you to go to the site the day or two before and select a patient come home and write the plan the night before, for the clinical starting in the morning, in some sites its in the afternoon. Some hospitals don't want students around at certain times... You have assignments due from some of the classes, you have to keep up with the readings for ALL classes. You know yourself better, just consider everything and plan ahead, get a calender and put in all due dates/important dates and figure out what it will require of you. btw, you wont starting clinicals until end of Sept... after you do your drug calculation test...
  7. Hi Guys/Gals, I was you sometime back... and it was a horrible experience if you ask me... I completely feel for you all. I Kept checking the website for updates....every hour of the day :-( For SFSU, you should be able to check you acceptance status on the mysfsu to see what your major is...long before i received my official acceptance letter, my major indicated "Nursing" and there was a note on the main page that i had been accepted to the main college also... can't remember exactly what it said.. I urge you folks, if you have heard of people have received their letters and you haven't, make your way to the office and put a face to your name. I heard of a couple stories where some classmates did not received their acceptance letter and the deadline to "accept" officially was coming to an end and so they went to the office and asked them.When their letters came back in the mail, the school called them to pick up! Check website, if you have been accepted and your major reflects nursing and you have no letter by this week, do yourself a favor and visit the office 3rd floor burk hall. I think by the end of this week last year, people had received their letters. The deadline was maybe end of April? to respond and make your intention known. You really should have a letter by next week...otherwise i would be very concerned, it doesn't hurt to ask personally... better to know than kill yourself waiting for the mailman. If you are accepted to start in the spring 2010 as opposed to start in fall 09-Aug, don't panic, make sure you take your Seg III classes and any other classes you need for GE major. These classes are time consuming and if you ask me, not necessary. (that note is for students who did not go to SFSU for their prereqs). Also, if you can find out about taking the Jepet test to determine if you need to take an English class (414), do it and if you pass no need for the class if you don't lucky you! another class that is stressful. And if you are accepted to the school for the first time, attend orientation to learn more about these extra classes(jepet and Seg III). Guys, nursing school is fun, especially when you are at clinical. It is an amazing experience! If this is your calling (outside of a rewarding financial future) it will be a personal rewarding fulfilling experience. There is tremendous pressure, from tests, exams, assignments, checkoffs for skills, group presentation(so get ready to work with people) learn to work with everyone, keep ahead studying and focus on your goals. It can be challenging, but if you make it in, it should be very doable, i have found people who say nursing isn't as hard as it is cut out to be. And it shouldn't be if you are well organized. As for instructors, my opinion is there are excellent instructors and then there are those who will challenge your nerves. I think at the start of the semester, look at your syllabus, assess the requirements and make a schedule to do the reading and stay ahead. There is a lot of reading, some may seem common sense, but when you take those multiple choice questions and they ask for the "best" answer and you know 2 answers will be as close to the best ans. as possible , reading the book can be the best thing you did. So don't place your hopes on instructors. Sometimes i think they are there because its a requirement for a class that is not online. Instructors will guide you on key concepts, but you need to do the work to keep those A's;well for those who are chasing A's. Learn your skills because you will need them as you go clinicals and throughout your careers. Practice is your best friend, make friends and practice the steps for the skills checkoffs. I find that it helps to understand why you are following steps as opposed to just memorizing the steps. If you can make friends with those ahead of you, find some mentors for some people, mentors really help calm you, especially when you are just starting and are nervous intimidated by the experience. Before starting, get your medicals checkups done ASAP, get yourself CPR class, you can ask the school for reference, get your vaccinations together. (there have been people who were released from the program for not getting their vaccines to the office on time). So do this over the summer, don't be a procastinator... you work so hard to get in, don't make it harder on yourself. You can't go into clinical without your shots done. And practice your dosage calculations, pretty standard exam, this you can do over the summer, really basic stuff, however, i know how you might feel. I think the tests covers everything before IV calculations, it doesn't hurt to practice. You will be tested i believe in the skills lab (Another thing you can do in the summer). Get your books early, if you can and study them...At least practice the calculations- which i feel are very simple. I don't have much time, but i promised myself that i would come back to the website and share with those who are waiting, or who got in. I hope some of the information i shared with you all is helpful. Remember if you got in, you can do this. Stay calm, learn to access your workload and be proactive! Remember to come back next year or the year after and share with those who are coming in! Congratulations! and Welcome :-) all the very best to you new nursing students! Sincerely! Enigma!
  8. engima2174

    SFSU Communication Prerequisite

    I believe for San Francisco State you need "public speaking" Please visit. Assist.org http://www.assist.org/web-assist/report.do?agreement=aa&reportPath=REPORT_2&reportScript=Rep2.pl&event=19&dir=1&sia=MERRITT&ria=SFSU&ia=MERRITT&oia=SFSU&aay=08-09&ay=08-09&dora=NURS
  9. engima2174

    San Francisco State Nursing Program

    ladyrafflesia, i am in the same boat as you. got the package, last week and revisions today. from reading the package, it is my understanding that the ati testing will be an ongoing process. notice that the test areas covered reflect the different classes taken in different semesters. the only preparation we will have is to attend lectures, labs and study study study! the material we will be tested on is nursing related. if anyone has more to add, please do! did you see the fee for ati?
  10. engima2174

    Rejected? Then accepted...?!

    Make the decision and go with it! Spring 2009, you've got about 6months to go, what will you do while waiting? Congratulations! If you REALLY want this, then go for it. I know USF has some crazy tuition and fees, but again, what private school doesn't?
  11. engima2174

    Is the nursing shortage over in the Bay Area?

    A few weeks on TV, there was a segment on the "nurse shortage" they did say because schools have been putting out a lot of students (2 year programs, and accelerated programs were mentioned), there are a lot of new grads applying for the few positions that may have been available. Many are forced to go without jobs for a while, because there are really no jobs. I feel for those who are moving from other states without job offers. It doesn't seem like a good time to migrate. Maybe in a few years, when the nursing madness ends. I have come across scientists leaving their jobs, to get into accelerated programs to get into Nursing pronto! If I was still in my early 20's I would go into medicine. If you are as good as many nurses are and have time and $$$ on your side, then why not go for the Docs jobs?
  12. engima2174

    Samuel Merritt ABSN San Fran Fall 2008

    Congratulations to those who made it in! yes! For those who did not make it, I feel for you...If there is anything I have learned, I hope that you find closure on their decision sooner than later. This way, you can move on and pursue other schools, or other educational options. Keep ya heads up!
  13. engima2174

    Nursing and STD's

    i'm not sure i understand the question... with that in mind, i will speculate and say... i believe when we receive a physical for nursing, the school is looking for anything that will prevent a person from working as a nurse.that will inhibit student from performing the duties tasks of a nurse. that said, there are some illnesses that i am sure are a concern e.g. chicken pox that are addressed with the vaccination requirements. if someone has tb, they must go through treatment and get clearance. i believe the treatment is isoniazid. stds mainly hiv should not be an issue. i think legally they (any institution)are not allowed to discriminate. i know of nurses who are hiv + that are practicing. the important thing is to be have a diagnosis, and be on treatment. again,i am speaking "blindly". i suspect there are other debilitating illnesses that are of greater concern. i would imagine, heart disease, mental conditions. i should receive my medical requirement list and hope to respond again. ps: herpes is an interesting one, because there is no cure...
  14. engima2174


    I feel it's wrong that bookstores don't release ISBN. My workaround is to write the professor and ask for the name and the ISBN. That is the least they can do for you.
  15. engima2174


    California is very competitive programs, which i am sure you already know. You face a challenge. It is important that you are realistic about your chances, given your GPA. Focus on getting your GPA much higher or going for a less impacted program. Do not be discouraged though. A lot of people have had to start from other levels to get to the RN level. By the way, 22 is still very young! I think you have a lot of opportunities just make up your mind and go for it. Goodluck!