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Hello, I recently got back into home health after several years working LTC and an office job. I love this job and am enjoying how every day is different, and I'm using different skills. But, I have come across a problem with patients getting my phone number. I have tried to use *67 to prevent this, but many patients have their home phones set to not accept calls from blocked numbers. Some patients have been saving my number to call me with questions. I always redirect them to call our office instead, and if there is a valid concern I will contact their physician, but I feel this is very inappropriate. Any advice?


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Continue to advise them to contact you through the office. And if they don't answer blocked numbers, well, then be sure to document any attempts you make to contact them and get no answer.

Reminds me of the agency I worked for that blocked their number in the hopes you would answer the phone when they were calling to bother you about something. I quietly continued to not answer my phone, just like always. One time I did something wrong or the phone fell or something and the call was answered but I realized what was going on, and just didn't answer. That brought about a discussion wherein I claimed my 'innocence'.


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Have you considered getting a Google Voice number, using a Google account created solely for this purpose? You should be able to send all calls to voice mail with a greeting advising the to call the office if they need to contact you. You should also be able to receive an email transcript when you receive a voice mail.

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The Google Voice plan is an excellent idea.

If you have a couple of dollars to spare ($15 to 20/month), you can get one of those pay as you go phones and give that number out & send the calls there. This way they don't have your real personal phone number & you can use the pay as you go phone as your on the job only point of contact. At least on the recording you can say you're not available on the weekends or whatever hours and to call the office & calls will not be returned until Monday (or something of that nature)


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No talking to patients or admin without being on the clock.

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Can Your work provide you with a phone and a number. if not, ask them for one. Years ago this wasnt an issue but now with smartphones it is.


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What about using Doximity dialer? I have been working remotely (I work in primary care) and I use this to make calls from my phone. It appears on caller ID that the office is calling. Has been working great. Although most VNA nurses I talk to have work phones/work numbers they use that were given to them by the agency.

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Download the app TextNow. It's free and you get a free phone number to use.

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My employer uses an app called Office Line. When I make a call using the app from my cell phone our office number is displayed on their caller ID. It works 99% of the time. I love it!