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since there have been so many threads started on this, thought that a sticky would answer most questions about this. 1. you must endorse to california, you do not transfer a license. you will... Read More

  1. by   swtrn
    Hi there,

    Quick question about Livescan versus fingerprinting cards. For Livescan, is there an actual paper form that I need if I am travel to LA, for example, and decide to go to a place to have Livescan done? I believe I requested the form from BRN, but I received the fingerprinting card in the mail. I have a feeling that they probably saw my MA address and automatically changed my request and gave me the fingerprint card. I just need someone to confirm that there is actual Livescan card that I need, or can I just show up at Livescan and get it done?

  2. by   smile4stamps
    You can print the forms from here:


    You will need to print 3 copies.
  3. by   dmaster
    yeah,, i graduated from a foreign school. and applied endorsement in california.. it took them 2 weeks for my temporary license, and another 2 weeks for the permanent one.. it wasnt that long.. are you sure your requirements are complete?
  4. by   suzanne4
    If one actually drives up to Sacramento, you can get a temporary license issued that day provided that you have a license from a state that is covered under Nursys, or your BON has already submitted it the verification.

    The permanent license will not be issued until they actually have your transcripts in hand. And that goes for anyone, even if graduated back in the dark agess; they still require the transcripts.
  5. by   bunnyhunter
    Is NORTHERN MARIANA part of the Nursys?
  6. by   danelen777
    I just want to ask about my passing nclex california just november 2007. What would happen if i have not for provided the SSN within 3 years because of retrogression? I'm nurse from the philippines. Anybody who cares to answer? thanks
  7. by   Chica_bella813
    Quick question--I would like to get a temporary license in California but I also want to get a permanent license as well. Can i go to sacremento and apply for both at the same time?? And is it good to have more than one license at a time??
  8. by   dreamchiever
    Quote from suzanne4
    since there have been so many threads started on this, thought that a sticky would answer most questions about this.

    1. you must endorse to california, you do not transfer a license. you will continue to maintain an active license in the original state until it expires if you do not renew it.

    2. you need to follow the license by endorsement application, you can find it on ca brn website.

    3. california requires a completed set of transcripts from your nursing school before they will issue you a permanent license.

    4. they need verification from your state licensing authority. if ca has received that or the state is part of nursys, then you can actually go to the brn in sacramento and get a temporary license issued that same day.

    5. otherwise, expect it to take about one month for you to receive the license once they have received all documents.

    i took the required paperwork + live scan fingerprint cards and did a same day walk through & in less than 2 hours had my temp nursing permit. also, for the benefit of your readers who are considering travel nursing, it is ca law that all over 8 hours in a single shift is time & one-half (no matter who the agency is!).
  9. by   Mimi2RN
    Not entirely true. We are paid for 12 hours straight time, and don't receive OT until we have worked 40 hours in a week. I don't remember how long it's been like this, but it's been years.
  10. by   dmaster
    theres a lot of hospital here that pays OT after 8hours. thats sad mimi, i guess you guys are not better compensated in your hosptial. maybe you are represented by a union???
  11. by   dreamchiever
    If you notice again, I referred to travel nursing. My understanding is there are hospitals where, due to the union presence, the nurses have elected to waive the OT. However, it remains CA labor law that where this has not been waived, indeed, all over 8 hrs is, infact, time & a half. For travel nurses, it does not matter what kind of contract may have been signed. No contract can be in violation of the Labor Code.
  12. by   Mimi2RN
    Quote from dmaster
    theres a lot of hospital here that pays OT after 8hours. thats sad mimi, i guess you guys are not better compensated in your hospital. maybe you are represented by a union???
    No union, we were told this is the way it would be.

    We have been told that as it is a not-for-profit district hospital, the usual rules r/t breaks, and the 8 hours and then OT don't count.

    On the other hand, I have a good salary, passed $100,000 last year. A 12 hr OT shift will pay $650- $800 depending on your base pay.
  13. by   SymphonyRnBSN

    I had a California IP granted (and read in a previous posting that means my transcripts and finger prints are ok)... but because cali took too long and gave me my permit and authorization to test in the same day (makes no sense to use a permit for two weeks), I had already given up hope with my home state of California and registered with Alabama (where my BSN was received) and I got my ATT, Passed the NCLEX, got my PASS results in 46 hours, (all within two weeks -Way to go Alabama!) but that being said...

    I sent the endorsement/reciprocity request to Alabama Board of Nursing... called California's board and was told that my previous application is good for one year (mind you I am nervous it's the same application as the endorsement with the 2 by 2 passport photo, but reads Application for Licensure by Examination vrs Endorsement...) meaning if all prints, transcripts are in place then all I need is Alabama to send to Cali that Endorsement request (yes I paid Alabama's fee for processing).

    My concern is... Cali BON is no "treat" to deal with on the telephone (all guarded) and because I felt like the woman had a hard time convincing me that "if" everything is on file (affraid to ask her to take a look) all I need to send is that Endorsement request and have it returned to Cali...

    Is the lady on the phone truly sure that my previous application (costing more than the Endorsement request) that she says "is good for one year" going to suffice for the "now" Endorsement process? (I know it's bad... But I somehow learned not to trust... or sometimes like Cali's BON) Further more... Does that automatically waive the 50 dollar fee for that Endorsement application? :uhoh21:

    I mean... you can't help to be soooo excited that you reached someone on the phone calling Cali's BON... much less, get all your questions resolved if you feel that one lady has no idea what it is you are trying to relay to her (no disrespect to that lady). But if anyone should have input or shed some light with simular stories... perhaps?

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.... and at the very least.... I hope this helps others.