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Hey!!! i am going to LA in a week to interview for the new grad residency program. Has anyone already interviewed, or know anything about their residency program, esp for the cardiac telemetry... Read More

  1. by   namiani
    Quote from hl, rn
    hey, icantbelieveit...i was hired for the last versant in march 2010 at uscuh. i had experience as a home health aide, basically a cna in the home setting. i'm pretty sure though, that they looked mostly at grades and the personal statement first to eliminate many of the over 600 applicants they had and then any other criteria such as work experience was used to eliminate from the few that actually got interviews.
    how long was your personal statement? should this be a couple of paragraphs? 1-2 pgs? since they weigh the personal statement so heavily, i just want to make sure i can be concise and thorough in my writing but have it be at the appropriate length...
  2. by   oooitzsharon
    Is there anyone who went through the USC program in surgery, OP surgery, or surgical ICU? I'm interested in working in these units, so I wanted to get insight. Thanks!
  3. by   toin43
    Question about the last cohort that was accepted into residency. Did you guys have fairly high GPA's? Lots of work experience? CNA's? Just wondering bc my work experience is pretty much just some volunteering in a hospital. GPA is fairly high, but I know thats not going to bring USC to their knee's for me! haha...anyway...
  4. by   StarryEyed, RN
    When you refer to the "Personal Statement" do you mean cover letter? Or is that separate?
  5. by   oooitzsharon
    Quote from Hurleygrly137, RN
    When you refer to the "Personal Statement" do you mean cover letter? Or is that separate?
    it's separate.
  6. by   njinga413
    do you need to your RN license before you apply to this program? I take my nclex first week of november...any suggestions?
  7. by   tomato head

    From reading the posting, it seems to me that you just need to have it before the program starts. So I think youre good if youre taking it this November
  8. by   JessyhRN
    Quick question for anyone to answer: I know the personal statement should be no more than 2 pages, did you all double space or single space?
  9. by   caliotter3
    I would use 1.5 spacing.
  10. by   vball369
    Does anyone know when people are contacted for the brunch? And previous cohorts: approximately how many positions are available??
  11. by   MisterSimba
    Does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back from them?
  12. by   nomoreschool
    I thought they should be contacting people for interview from Nov. 22-Dec.17, if I remembered correctly. The information was on their website.
  13. by   tomato head
    Yes that's what it says on their website. Seems so long.