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Just an observation but, it seems like there's a flood of posts lately from people inquiring about moving here. Not too long ago the local news seemed to be filled with stories about people... Read More

  1. by   jujube
    Quote from DemeLVN2009
    I was told that other states nurse to patient ratio is more in other states, that is why nurses love to work in California.
    Definitely! That's why I left the Midwest a few years ago. And I loathed Midwest winters.
  2. by   SassyFrass
    I am relocating to Cali because I have lived on the East coast my whole life.... my best friend lives in Sacramento - so that's where I am going... and I will finish nursing school out there.
  3. by   Trophywife81
    I am a Texas native who, because of my hubby's job, moved to Orange County from Austin about 7 months ago. After dutifully trying to be happy and comfortable in Cali, both my hubby and I are having to face the facts--our quality of life has taken a nosedive in every single way.... In Austin, our morgage payment on our 1700 square foot house was just over $1300/month; in the OC we pay over $2100 to rent a 1000 sq. ft. apartment :O The overcrowding here is simply matter where we go, no matter what time of day it is, there are always throngs of people around. It feels as though there is no privacy anywhere. And the people are rude, snooty, and unapproachable...just the other day I was about to say "hello" to someone in my apartment complex and then noticed how they were deliberately not making eye contact; this is not an isolated occurence here--it seems that it's impossible to meet people here because everyone (I think as a coping mechanism, due to the overcrowding) simply pretends you are not there. One last reason why I hate Cali, and then I'll stop ranting--as an LVN, I had copious career opportunities in TX...I worked on a step-down/tele floor at a hospital making about $20/hour and was getting GREAT experience in an environment that allowed LVNs to work to the full extent of their training (VNs are given a fairly broad SOP in TX). Here in Cali, I count myself lucky that I was able to find a job in a physician's office--doing work a trained monkey could do--for $15/hr. The jobs simply aren't anywhere to be found, despite my assiduous review of classifieds almost every day...and the few that do pop up pay either less or no more than what I earned in TX.

    Hmmmm, big dilemma: $15/hour in order to pay $2100 to rent in a snotty, overcrowded, overpriced, trafficky, and materialistic culture, or....$20ish/hour to own a nice house in a good neighborhood for $200k or less in a gorgeous, full-of-personality city populated by smart, laid-back people?

    No place is perfect of course; but I think there's a whole lot more to be had for a whole lot less if you stay out of California.

    My husband and I are making plans to go home to Austin as soon as we possibly can.
  4. by   DemeLVN2009
    Girl Amen on that. I am a native born here, and I wondered, what God's green earth, kept my mother here. I live in Los Angeles, and hate I ever was born here. I live less than 15 minutes from downtown, and somedays, especially weekends, it is hard to leave my house, because of the overcrowdiness on the roads. I am a new grad LVN, can't get a job, if it killed me. I just joined a live virual job expo, online. I talked to a nursed recruiter from the VA, they are suppose to be emailing me a response back. I am so stresssed here. I can't find a job in my scope of practice, I was a CNA for 10 years, and the pay stinks. I am sick and tired of the rudeness of people here, like you say, the people are not socialiable, what kind of examples California is setting for their future generations, we are acting like a bunch of MUTES, literally.
  5. by   nursenow
    I have lived in both Norcal and Socal and there is a reason Norcal wants to become a seperate state. I have lived/traveled alot of states & countries but have yet to find any place like Norcal. Socal definately has some great things to offer but in general I think they should just flush it.
  6. by   SPower82
    Yeah I agree with you all SoCal (excluding San Diego) is better in reputation than reality. the people are not friendly by any measure.

    but on the up side there are great shopping opportunities and amazing events concerning what ever you are into. Im glad i don't live there though.


    I have 3 months experience in a nurising home in Chicago, if i moved to Austin, could i hope to get a job on a telemetry floor like you are mentioning?

    Also, im looking to bridge to RN in August, how hard are the bridge programs in Austin it get in and complete?
  7. by   stacia77
    Quote from Sheri257
    I do see your point here. But ... I don't think you can assume this is true for "most" people.

    It's all relative. If you're heart is set on expensive areas like San Diego like yours is then yeah, you'd probably have to work. But there are other California RN's on this board who are able to work part time like you do to raise a family because they live in much cheaper areas of the state.

    And I don't think the problem you're describing is limited to California ... we're not the only state that's seen a big increase in housing prices.

    Just as an example, people on this board have complained about how expensive certain areas of Florida have gotten but, nevertheless, wages there have remained some of the lowest in the country. The average Florida RN actually makes $4K less than what the average RN makes nationwide.

    I'm sure there are RN's who have to work in Florida and, other states as well, depending on where you live and, also, how good your husband's job is. But, at least, California RN wages continue to increase and are getting better all the time. And, you don't have to worry about management dumping 8-10 patients on you.


    You are more than CORRECT!!! Im a Florida nurse, making $21.50/hr and my 3 bedroom 2 bath is 1050/month and water/electricity is ridiculous not to mention...our benefits are going up 20% this Nov and wage freeze!!! SUX and I can't wait to get out of Florida!!!!!
  8. by   agiboma
    amoung other reasons im moving to escape the cold in Canada
  9. by   Meriwhen
    Didn't have a choice: the better half's job sent him here, so unless we wanted to be a few time zones apart, I had to come along for the ride.
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Born and raised in southern California. The only benefit I see in California is that I am an hour away from the city, the beach, the mountains, the lakes, the valley, and the desert. Other than that the weather gets boring, the traffic sucks (even on weekends), people are rude, too many illegals, overcrowded, politics suck and care about everything but their own citizens, cost of living sucks even in the boondocks, people can't drive even in the precious time it does rain. Central cal is boring. Norcal is pretty.
    That sums up my views of my home state. The only reason why I won't leave (for now) is that I want my nursing license from here because California is one of those states that's easier to transfer your license out instead of in.