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  1. FNP - Their Own Clinic - California

    It doesnt sound like it is worth the headaches and probably not that financially rewarding otherwise you would see a lot of clinics with just the NP's name on the sign. I dont recall seeing one here in Ca. All the extra schooling and problems with st...
  2. FNP - Their Own Clinic - California

    Thank You Tammy.
  3. FNP - Their Own Clinic - California

    NPinWCH thank you for your post but can people only reply regarding California. Sometimes replies can cause the thread to spin into something unrelated then the original question. But again thank you for your post and trying to help.
  4. FNP - Their Own Clinic - California

    I would like to know if a FNP can open their own small clinic and see patients in California? Thank You
  5. Starting a Boarding Home

    Can I go a little in depth on this one. Lets say you want to keep your Mon-Fri RN job but hire someone to be there. Lets say you hire a CNA and pay them $12/hour x 24 hours x 30 days a month. Your monthly payroll will be $8640. Now, if you are licen...
  6. CCRN with Critical Care NP

    Would you say that most Critical Care NP also have earned their CCRN certificate. Or atleast, that it is a good combination to have them both. Thank You
  7. Hello Everyone, Can you tell me what is the minimum years one should have working as an ICU nurse before they begin to earn their NP in critical care. Thank You
  8. If I earn my CPA credentials, what can I do with the combination? How much in-need will I be in? Salary? Thank You, ADN RN M.S. Biomedical Science B.S. Public Accounting 1 Year ICU experiance so far 2 Years Finance/Accounting experiance - before I sw...
  9. Is Everybody Moving to California?

    I just got a job in northern LA, Im in the process of finding an apartment. I put my notice in last week.........I'll be honest, it is a tuff thing to walk away from a perfectly secure job to take on the unknown, but the salary is almost double and t...
  10. continuing education points in IL

    Do we need to report our CEU to some office in Illinois so they dont pull our license? Who is the record keeper, I just want to make sure they know Im up to date and my license is current. Thank You
  11. Can you help me get to California

    thanks for mentioning having a job before moving because i was pondering asking for a leave of absense and just moving there into a month to month apartment and hitting the pavement each day until i got a job....... I still might do this but not unti...
  12. Is Everybody Moving to California?

    1.The increase in pay from Illinois to California ($7/hour) will cover my rent for the month, so basically I will be living there for free. 2. I had three patients yesterday, I work in the ICU. This is a big motivator of why Im trying to get to Calif...
  13. Hello Everyone, I live in Illinois and want to work and live in the SF Valley/Tarzana area. Can you help me get a job there, Im flying out to LA this month to look at apartments. Im hoping to have an interview then too. I have been visitng the websit...
  14. CRNA work schedule

    Do CRNAs enjoy the 3 12-hour shifts a week with 4 off? or is it usually 5 8 hour shifts? Thanks
  15. What can a Diabetic Nurse Educator charge thier client per one-hour office visit? Im trying to determine what one can earn an hour before rent and other overhead. Thank You