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LTC, FP office, Med/Surg, ICU, Dialysis
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PLTSGT has 20 years experience and specializes in LTC, FP office, Med/Surg, ICU, Dialysis.

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    ER Nurse Rate

    Hi there!! I have an interview with the ER manager here in Cetral Jersey. Just wondering what's the starting rate for someone with no ER experience. Thanks a bunch!!

    going rate of pay for dialysis nurses

    Check out glassdoor.com or salary.com. In NJ, I started $29/hr six years ago (2 years RN but no prior dialysis experience at that time).

    Recovery and Monitoring Program in NJ

    I graduated from RAMP early last year (2011). What I learned is sticking with the program and be assertive but don't rattle RAMP's or your group's cages because they may think that you're not compliant! Like most successful graduates do: going under the radar until you're done.

    Relocating with a Monitoring Agreement

    I agree with other posters. Just complete you program before moving. Even being the devil's advocate here, they may even put you back on monitoring for a couple of years. Here's from my personal experience: I applied for a license in one of the western states 6 months after completing my 5-year monitoring program in 2011. After discussing it over the phone with the endorsement committee, they decided to put me back on another 3 years of monitoring because, according to them, I'm "high risk" for relapse with that big move cross country. Believe me, it took a lot of composure in my part for not bursting. Not to discourage you because the other states that I applied for endorsement are not requiring me to do monitoring. Good luck!
  5. You are really lucky for getting a job quicker than most recent grads especially with dialysis. A lot of dialysis companies wouldn't even hire nurses who have years of experience as nurses if they don't have dialysis experience.

    what are the best mens scrubs you have found?

    I'm really picky with the fabric since I'd be wearing for at least 12 hours. Some scrubs feel like I'm wearing a burlap. I buy Uniform Advantage, Butter Soft brand. I want my boys comfortable!

    bag for job interview?

    Manly briefcase is still acceptable. Not cool: shoulder bags.
  8. True that! Hospital work is hard compared to dialysis.

    Is Everybody Moving to California?

    All states will have their share of rudeness and tax problems. Everyone that I know who moved from the East Coast to California loves it and said that the benefits of living in CA offsets the disadvantages.
  10. PLTSGT

    Is Everybody Moving to California?

    I've compared both states on these categories...NJ wins in rudeness and taxes. Besides CA has much nicer weather.
  11. PLTSGT

    Is Everybody Moving to California?

    Amen! I'm from NJ.
  12. PLTSGT

    Is Everybody Moving to California?

    Why am I moving to California? Because I currently live in New Jersey. Yes...New Jersey. I'm tired of "Winter Weather Alerts", rude people, high taxes, etc.
  13. PLTSGT

    Want to move to nevada

    Going through CA BRN's site I found this: "16. I am licensed in another state and participating in their Diversion Program. I am thinking about transferring to California. Can I automatically transfer to California's Diversion Program while I am in the process of obtaining a California license? Nurses who are participating in another State's Diversion Program and not yet licensed in California are not eligible to participate in California's Diversion Program. By law, an RN must be licensed and residing in California in order to be eligible to participate. Once a California license is obtained, however, we can communicate with the state you are from (with the written permission of the nurse) and inform that state about your progress in California's program. Please check with your state to make sure you can transfer to another state and still be in compliance with their program. Note: there is nothing on California's application, which would require you to disclose that you are in another state's diversion program as long as your participation in that program is not considered discipline." http://www.rn.ca.gov/diversion/div-faqs.shtml
  14. PLTSGT

    Want to move to nevada

    Okay, so what you're saying is to inquire with RAMP first?
  15. PLTSGT

    Want to move to nevada

    Thank you so much for that 411. I'm going to contact both NV and CA Boards and see where it leads me. It's just nice to know that I have that option to get out of NJ, continue on with the program with my new home state, and go on with my life.
  16. PLTSGT

    Want to move to nevada

    Thanks for your comments. I just cannot wait to leave NJ and move to another state. I'll just wait until my contract ends with RAMP; 22 months to go! I'll hang in there.