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    Kaplan rn bsn program

    Sorry, I can only speak for their online program.

    Wife is an RN, Can't find job in Las Vegas

    Yeah, I have heard about that kind of program. You pay the hospital for training and experience; essentially, you're working for free.
  3. If you were in trouble due to drug and is documented, then you don't have any choice but to say "yes." Otherwise, say "no." Yes, it goes without saying that working under the influence isn't safe to say it mildly. But if you are taking care of that issue and working for your own betterment, then don't let anyone control your life.

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: NJ Pay rate: SALARIED, $90k In which area / specialty do you work? DIALYSIS What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN What type of degree and/or certification do you have? BSN, NONE How many years of experience do you have? 5 YEARS IN DIALYSIS Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? F.T. What shift do you work? 9 TO 5 Do you receive any shift differential? NO Are you a manager or supervisor? MANAGER

    ER Nurse Rate

    Hi there!! I have an interview with the ER manager here in Cetral Jersey. Just wondering what's the starting rate for someone with no ER experience. Thanks a bunch!!

    going rate of pay for dialysis nurses

    Check out glassdoor.com or salary.com. In NJ, I started $29/hr six years ago (2 years RN but no prior dialysis experience at that time).

    Recovery and Monitoring Program in NJ

    I graduated from RAMP early last year (2011). What I learned is sticking with the program and be assertive but don't rattle RAMP's or your group's cages because they may think that you're not compliant! Like most successful graduates do: going under the radar until you're done.

    Relocating with a Monitoring Agreement

    I agree with other posters. Just complete you program before moving. Even being the devil's advocate here, they may even put you back on monitoring for a couple of years. Here's from my personal experience: I applied for a license in one of the western states 6 months after completing my 5-year monitoring program in 2011. After discussing it over the phone with the endorsement committee, they decided to put me back on another 3 years of monitoring because, according to them, I'm "high risk" for relapse with that big move cross country. Believe me, it took a lot of composure in my part for not bursting. Not to discourage you because the other states that I applied for endorsement are not requiring me to do monitoring. Good luck!
  9. You are really lucky for getting a job quicker than most recent grads especially with dialysis. A lot of dialysis companies wouldn't even hire nurses who have years of experience as nurses if they don't have dialysis experience.
  10. PLTSGT

    what are the best mens scrubs you have found?

    I'm really picky with the fabric since I'd be wearing for at least 12 hours. Some scrubs feel like I'm wearing a burlap. I buy Uniform Advantage, Butter Soft brand. I want my boys comfortable!
  11. PLTSGT

    bag for job interview?

    Manly briefcase is still acceptable. Not cool: shoulder bags.
  12. True that! Hospital work is hard compared to dialysis.
  13. PLTSGT

    DSI Renal now Davita?

    At least in Arizona, DaVita is buying DSI.
  14. PLTSGT

    wait time?

    What state are you coming from? Do you have any prospective employers on the horizon yet? I hope you get license soon.
  15. PLTSGT

    wait time?

    Hey bsnwnab, I just logged in to ask to same question. It seems that longest waiting period is getting back the fingerprinting results from the FBI which may take up to 4 months.