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Hi there!! I have an interview with the ER manager here in Cetral Jersey. Just wondering what's the starting rate for someone with no ER experience.

Thanks a bunch!!

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In a non-trauma ER, suburban hospital that I work at, the RNs start at $22.50 / hr. Make $3.75 shift differential after 3pm. After 11pm the shift diff goes up to $5. Weekends at 20% on top of base pay plus any additional shift diffs.

In the city with the trauma ERs Base pay goes up to $24-$26 with similar shift diffs, I believe.

The awesome part is my ER is always paging out extra hours, Critical Bonus, and Overtime. Crit pay here is $15 additional on top of base while other hospitals I know simply double your hourly rate for critical pay.


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Hudson county, just got hired. $30.96+3.50 night diff. No weekend rates.


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how do you guys enjoy being an ER nurse? That's the field that I'm looking into and I wanted some feedback. Also, what type of experience do you need to be hired in as an ER nurse?

Thanks :)


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I have been working in the ER on a day shift in NJ, for about 2 years. Not a trauma center. I am making over 35$ hr now and started at about 33$.