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Is anyone applying for or has applied for CSU Chico State's nursing program? I'm planning on applying for spring 08 and just wanted to know what the cut off points were. I'm so nervous about the... Read More

  1. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    Ya, hehe we are talking about California State University Chico.
  2. by   RossayRN
    nursefaf are you here now?
  3. by   nursegaf
    Yes I am. I am not familiar on how to do use this yet.
  4. by   RossayRN
    ok . what do you want to know?
  5. by   RossayRN
    it's changed a little since i got into the program but I dont think it has changed that much.
  6. by   nursegaf
    I'm going to post on
    Chicago State University - 18th Mar, 10:18 PM - Nursing for Nurses

    so people don't get confused
  7. by   afro81
    does anyone know when (chico state) admission packet is going to be mailed out? i am going on vacation soon and i don't want to miss anything.
  8. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    What admission packet are you talking about? Your acceptance/denial letters? Because if you already got your acceptance letter in the mail, the paperwork that came with it, is all that you will get in the mail. They don't send out anything else, if I remember correctly. You should have already got the packet from the university and so the paperwork you got with your acceptance letter is all the nursing program sends out. It should have on there what classes to sign up for, immunizations that you need, and anything else important.
  9. by   afro81
    in my acceptance letter, it states: "....please return the enclosed response sheet, indicating your acceptance of this space by april 30, 2009. once we receive your response sheet, additional forms and information regarding semester 1 will be mailed to you." this "additional information" is what i was enquiring about.

  10. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    Hmm, well I am not really sure if they sent us any additional paperwork after we sent in our acceptance letters, but I am sure you could call the nursing office and ask. Are you having your mail held? Because that way you would still get your mail and not have to worry about it getting lost or anything. The only piece of paperwork that had a time limit was the acceptance response sheet, so nothing to worry about missing.
  11. by   afro81
    They did.. i just received the package lol. I am going to try and turn everything in before leaving for vacation.

    To Future ER RN
    How was your spring semester?
  12. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    hi everyone! I'm going to be applying to chico state this coming Fall'09 i dont know much about the school because it's one of my ~20 back up schools applying... i'd like to know some info about chico state and the competition too. any info would be great thanks.
  13. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    Have you already applied to Chico's nursing program for the fall 09 semester? If you haven't the application period already passed and so you can't apply to the nursing program until Fall 10. They are switching from a 6 semester to a 5 semester program starting fall 2010 so they aren't taking any applications for the spring 2010 semester.
    What is it exactly that you would like to know? Most of the information that you need can be found on their website. As far as competition, I think every school is very competitive. I applied to Chico state for the fall 08 semester and didn't get in and I had a 4.0, work exp., and got an 85% on my Teas. Then I re-applied for the spring 09 semester this time with a 4.0, 89% on my Teas, work exp. and 200+ hours of community service and I got in. Almost all nursing programs have very competitive programs, but so far I like chico state's program so I would recommend it! Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.