Bush fires


Noted on the news that here are parts of the USA affected by bush fires(is this what you call them) - hope you are all OK - it is hard when you lose good people on their way to fight fires - noted you lost 4 in an accident

We have this almost every summer - heart goes out to you over there - hope all the nurses and familes are OK - although some of you will l guess have to care for the people who suffer as well -

thoughts are with you over the summer and the bush fire period



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As above, I lived with the Sydey bushfires at my door step, frightening.

Hope everyone is safe and well.:kiss


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That is so sweet of you to send such compassionate notes to the people of the US wishing those near the fires well. I live in the southern part of the US, but the fires in the western part of the USA are totally out of control. Believe there are at least 2000 firemen from all over the US out there trying to contain the fires.

So many folks have already lost their homes, and I am here feeling hopeless---can't even imagine what it is like to see the fire heading for your home, and not being able to do anything about it.

Much thanks to you, Aussie friends. :) :)


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This morning our valley is filled with smoke.

The "Roybal" fire is about 4 miles from our house but due to dilligent efforts by firefighters it is almost contained.

We have had a few days of rain which has helped also.

This is the 2nd time in 3 years that we have seen flames from our back deck. We have a list of things to pack up and take if we need to evacuate quickly. I have our name and phone number on the halters of the horses if we need to turn them loose (They will be fine on their own til we find them).

Fire is a very scary thing and when you live in the forest it's a constant danger (especially combined with drought).

Once again...Thanks for thinking of us.



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I am in awe of the people of Colorado who have come together to offer assistance to those impacted by the fires. Citizens in areas that are not directly in danger of fire have offered their homes to those who have been evacuated. Ranchers have offered their land to house livestock owned by evacuees in order to get them out of danger. "Stand by" lists have been established to assist evacuees in finding temporary homes for pets as well as offer their trucks to help evacuees move as much of their household as possible. People with respiratory illnesses have flooded hospitals as the smoke from the fires blankets communities (even those not in the line of danger). Some days, you wake up to the smell of smoke and that serves as a constant reminder that many have been effected. It is heart breaking to see folks lose homes and livestock. It is extremely heart breaking to know that fire fighters have lost their lives fighting the fire or traveling to help. Firefighters who are working on the front lines are truly heros.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Rusty and everyone who lives in these states who are effected by the fires.



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Yeah the fires out west are pretty bad. To rusty and all out west...hope you all are Ok and don't lose your homes!


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On the news they said that two major fires have joined into one superfire.


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Thinking of you Rusty and all and any of the nurses who may be in these areas at the moment - like yours our volunteer firefighteers are the heart of our countryside.

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