broke my patient's arm!!!


:crying2: Very upset, broke a homecare client's R humerus doing PROM. He's a C-4 quad with brittle bones (many, many broken in past) but still. I feel terrible about this. I feel like I ruined his summer. Waiting to hear what my supervisor will say.


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I'm so sorry.. :icon_hug: KUP..


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Try not to worry about it. Accidents happen, your only human:up:

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My sympathy to you and the patient. What an unfortunate accident.

Imafloat, BSN, RN

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Sorry to hear that this has happened.

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Sorry about this. I know you must feel terrible. Just know that we all care about you and hope things get better.

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So sorry this happened to you. It could have happened to anyone. Once I bruised a very ill patient's arm when I was transferring him to a chair. A coworker accidentally ripped her patient's brittle skin when removing tape. Some of our patients are so fragile that even the most gentle actions can cause harm. Don't take blame for this incident--quads are notorious for having brittle, easily broken bones.


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I'm so sorry for the both of you. I'm sure the patient knows you meant no harm.

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i think you need a hug........:icon_hug:


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:heartbeatall of our thoughts are with u! ur in our prayers!:redpinkhe


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aww, sorry to hear it - hope your supervisor is understanding.

let us know what happens.

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I'm not in trouble with my supervisor or the agency, the patient isn't upset with me. I still feel terrible every time I go there. Trying to get over it. At least he doesn't need surgery.

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