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I'm so glad I've found this site. It seems great! I was just wondering though - where is the login button? I always login by trying to post, having them tell me I can't because I'm not logged in, and then entering my information there. There has got to be an easier way!


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Brenna - if you chose clear all cookies then you will log out each time if you want to stay logged in go back to your profile and switch off clear cookies.

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Hello up there! Woot! Welcome!


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Good morning! Welcome!



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Welcome Brenna!! Please tell us more about yourself and your home! I am glad you found us!


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Welcome aboard, brenna! We are glad to have you. Please make your self at home. :)

Nordic---are you from the Netherlands, Sweden, etc? Tell us. My son married a Swede and I have two semi-Swedish grandbabies. We call the girl our Nordic Princess (age 3). They live in Stockholm.


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hello Brenna-Welcome! :)


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