Booted out of post MSN program! Advice Please!


Greetings, everyone.

I am so devastated. To start off, I have a previous MSN degree in leadership/management. I am currently in a post MSN program for PMHNP; I started last month and I'm still in my first class. Long story short, I was notified by the school that I can no longer be considered as a post MSN student since my MSN degree is non-clinical. Therefore, I will have to take the full MSN track including the theory, research, and organizational leadership courses I already took.

This is not cost-effective at all for me. My employer reimburses me for tuition, but they are not willing to reimburse me for classes I already took :cry:. Not only that, I JUST finished my previous MSN program in January 2015. After doing my research, I figured another two years wouldn't be too much, especially since I was going to take one or two classes at a time. However, now it will take me 3.5 years to finish this PMHNP program and it will be much longer if I don't group more than two classes together in some semesters.

I'm at a complete loss of what to do. This wasn't an oversight of some kind. I did my research with this school and met all the criteria for a post MSN student which is why I was accepted as such. The school just simply changed it's standards, and I'm too close to the beginning to be grandfathered in.

I really, really want to be a PMHNP but I don't know if I have it in me to financially burden or carry myself through another full MSN degree program. I know the decision is up to me, but I really want to know what others would do if they were in my shoes.


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I would find another program.

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It seems they didn't look over your records to decide your coursework before you started. I can see where you may need to take clinical related classes (patho, pharm, health assessment) if you didn't already but to take the theory and research again?? As PP's have said I'd look elsewhere.

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they are looking to make the most money...

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How awful to discover this after you had already invested so much. I agree with PP - it seems very foolish to re-take didactic courses such as nursing theory. When I attended my grad program (U of Tx - Houston) , they were very clear about explaining why it was structured to ensure an adequate 'clinical' base for all focus areas.... so as a result, I ended up with eligibility for CNS in Critical Care as well as an MSN in Education. It's still that way. I warn people about this aspect (ineligible for articulation into a post-grad NP) of some of the 'easier' online MSN online programs - especially those that do not include any practicum at all.

I would also encourage you to explore other programs that will at least accept transfer of all your didactic courses. I wish you success.

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My MSN was in leadership and management. I then received a post masters from FDU as a adult NP. I was only required to take the clinical courses. Keep looking.


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I'm sorry this happened to you. It makes me think the school didn't do its due diligence in reviewing your records or changed some rules midstream. Look for another Postmasters that essentially has pathophysology, pharmacology, advanced assessment and the clinical management courses. You might also want to meet with the program director/coordinator in person before you plunk down any more $$$$$ to be sure they have what you want and you're appropriately qualified .

Another option is to take your admission paperwork & acceptance, your research that supports your case and go up the administrative chain to appeal the decision and get an explanation of this action. Good luck

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I would contest the validity of the decision, appeal whatever.

And if that doesn't work, find another program.


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Could you go to the school where you got your MSN and enroll in a PMHNP program there? If not, I would definitely go elsewhere. This sounds ridiculous. No decent school should be requiring you to retake the theory and leadership courses.


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I am sorry to hear of this. I was wondering if this jappened at "SB" in NY? I have followed your previous threads and I have similar educational goals working towards the same MSN as you did from the same school. I also live in NY and have done enough research to know that we are VERY limited when it comes to options for online post masters Psych NP programs. Please let me know if that was the school because it happens to be my first choice. Hope you found qn alternative.