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  1. MFaf

    Treat Clinical Time with Respect

    Yes-I've been a nurse for nearly 30 years. I teach undergrads. Students are allowed one absence from clinical (for life- sick, car break down, whatever) with a makeup required. A number of students take their one absence to go to nurse assistant orientation. I'm just tired of seeing people who want to be a nurse assistant at some hospital more than learning to be a professional nurse in their clinicals.
  2. I'll probably get "flamed" for this post but it would be lovely for students to treat clinicals with appreciation and respect. I've had more students decide being a nurse assistant at hospital X worth skipping clinical. If you want to be a professional nurse- come see me.
  3. MFaf

    Help with nursing care plan

    You have to decide how frequently the pt needs the intervention ( dependent on how sick they are)
  4. I'm glad you are having a good experience. Is there a specific reason you want a letter. I get all kinds of requests for all kinds of letters ( graduate school, jobs, scholarships, NP medical credentialing references). A really good letter is targeted for a purpose, mostly jobs for new grads. I would refuse a request to write you letter just to have one from that faculty. I would write you a letter if you needed one for a specific reason. Remember- faculty are busy and request what you need when you need it but plan ahead. I require a minimum of a two week turn around for written references and letters.
  5. MFaf

    Failed A Course...

    I've known a good number of students who have failed clinical or theory and went on to successfully complete their programs. My suggestions to you (as someone who sits in the course director chair and has been a clinical instructor who has failed students): 1. Look at the syllabus of the course, student handbooks with progression policies, and your clinical evaluation tool to see what the course and college policies are pertaining to clinical failures. 2. The performance problems should be written in a way that's clear so that you understand what performance standards where not met. Did you get any feedback early in the course that you had a problem or did this issue/problem come out of the blue? 3. Request a meeting with the clinical instructor and the course director to discuss the issue. You want to learn something from this experience and get feedback and make a plan to do better going forward. 4. If you did #3, use the administrative chain of command at the school (associate assistant deans, etc). 5. If you have an academic advisor in your school/program, make an appointment ASAP to discuss your options. I failed students for repeated med errors and not communicating critical patient incidents/status to me at the time of occurrence. I tell my students we all make mistakes and it's usually OK if we figure out what happened, learn something and most importantly-take care of the patient. My students didn't take care of the patient and I can't have their back if I don't know about it. You can go forward and be successful. Good luck!
  6. MFaf

    OBGYN Requirements

    When you say ob- gyn do you mean obstetrician/gynecologist? Nurses can be midwives but go get a BSN first. If you want medical school, you may not be in the right place for the information you want.
  7. No- universities have policies to prevent discrimination and foster diversity. Good luck and go for it.
  8. MFaf

    Does it matter if you have an ADN or BSN nowadays?

    It depends on your career goals. Many health care systems are mandating that ADN prepared nurses get a BSN within a specified time period. You will also have to have a BSN if you ever want to go to graduate school and open up your career options.
  9. There are xx reasons as to why the RN is the way to go over an LPN: 1. RNs are the critical thinkers and planners of the operation. The nursing process is the exclusive domain of the professional nurse. 2. The only thing limiting your plans and goals as an RN is the individual. The only career path for upward mobility is to be an RN. 3. There are fundamental role and professional practice differences between RNs and LPNs. That's one reason why RN programs are longer and contain more coursework. That being said, your family goes to school with you. Your clinical instructors won't be understanding or sympathetic if you don't have a babysitter. It takes a lot of thought and planning to go to school and succeed with a family.
  10. MFaf

    Professional Attire

    Jacket and tie- no question. It signals you are serious and are taking the interview seriously.
  11. I'm sorry this happened to you. It makes me think the school didn't do its due diligence in reviewing your records or changed some rules midstream. Look for another Postmasters that essentially has pathophysology, pharmacology, advanced assessment and the clinical management courses. You might also want to meet with the program director/coordinator in person before you plunk down any more $$$$$ to be sure they have what you want and you're appropriately qualified . Another option is to take your admission paperwork & acceptance, your research that supports your case and go up the administrative chain to appeal the decision and get an explanation of this action. Good luck
  12. I think the wise move is to work your two years, get good professional experience, and walk away with your degree in your pocket (if you choose). I had a four year commitment after a three year full ride scholarship to a Big 10 university...via ROTC. I was in the Army. I got training as an ICU & trauma specialist while I was on active duty during a four month in-residence ICU course. Soak up every learning and training experience possible on their dime. The commitment period goes by in the blink of an eye.
  13. MFaf

    Quit during orientation

    Wow-I don't think you're nurse material. You have to be ready to meet whatever the patient's needs are at the time he or she needs it. Will you be one of those nurses who runs the other way when something unpleasant or that's not your favorite thing come up?
  14. There is nothing wrong with this email. You put the policy/guideline/dress code in the syllabus. You announce it in class. You post an annoucement on Angel, Blackboard, or whatever course management system is available at the institution. You think you told everyone but people still don't follow the rules, are confused, or ask for breaks or unfeasible exceptions. The instructor was probably fed up with trying to get the same message out for the nth time .
  15. MFaf

    Quit during orientation

    When you are a nursing student, every staff member on a clinical unit knows way more about patient care than you..including the clerks and the housekeepers. I think it's safe to say you burned a bridge at that institution. Additionally, nursing is really hard work. What are you going to do when the going gets tough? Roll up your sleeves and do your best or go home? The choice is up to you.
  16. MFaf

    Dating during school

    I dated a fellow student in my Peds undergrad clinical. We've been married for over 27 years!