Books I should read before school starts?


Hey Im Adam. I just got accepted into Nursing school this fall and was wondering are there any good books or text books I should read before school starts? Also any tips advice etc for a prospective student?



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I don't think there's anything really to read. I usually recommend getting familiar with base terms and medical terminology. There's probably a dozens and dozens of different -itis terms. And that's just one base term.

Watch Youtube videos on fundamentals of nursing.

Your first exams in med-surg I might include basic electrolytes, cell biology, maybe even anions and cations.

There are lots of other posts on "what to expect, or how to prepare" If you do a google search, you might be able to find tons of more info. Best of luck and congrats on getting in.

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I was accepted for the Fall 13 semester, too, and the consensus around here seems to be to enjoy your time NOT thinking about nursing while you have it. Read a novel, a magazine, while you still have the chance!!!


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I start nursing school next semester too, and currently I'm in a class called Success In Nursing that prepares us for it. Our instructor told us if we are to study something before the program starts, it should be therapeutic communication. Also get familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I don't know about your program, but our program actually has reading assignments due before the semester even starts.

The best way to prepare is if you know a student currently in the program and ask them if they'll tell you what to expect for your first semester. Someone did this for me, telling me what skills we will learn, what clinicals are like, she broke down a case study for me, and gave me tips for teachers and their teaching styles.


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Just enjoy your time off before you start school. You will have PLENTY to keep you busy once you do start. No sense on starting the burnout process early!

I'm on the "enjoy your time wagon".

You're going to kiss your sanity and your freedom goodbye.

It'll be unlike your prerequisites.

I had a 4.0 in prereqs.... and thought Nursing Shool would be a breeze.... Yeah right.

It is just so time consuming. The concepts are easy, it just so happens you need to learn an abnormal amount of information.

The only preparation I DO recommend is an emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation.

Spend time with family and friends and doing things you love.

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I would just spend your time with family and friends. Make sure to warn them that you will not be as available once nursing school starts.

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You will have plenty to read soon, and I would wait. However, one that might help would be a book on how to handle stress.


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Thanks so much for the advise lol ill party hard and do all the things i love till then.

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Personally, I did do a little light reading before nursing school, nothing to strenuous and tough. It is VERY true that you need enjoy your time before nursing school because it can take so much out of you. However a LITTLE evenly spaced and LIGHT reading can be beneficial. It can also make sure that you don't completely fall out of student mode during the gap to when you start school if you're not currently enrolled in classes.

I liked the Nursing Fundamentals Demystified to get me familiar with the basics. It really helped me.

My mom is a RN and I've been skimming through nursing books since I was 9 or so. Plus I worked as a CNA, PRN, in a hospital float pool so that helped too. However, I don't advise starting a new job just before or in nursing school though, unless MAYBE you can get a flexible PRN job.

For someone who doesn't have the situation I have I or much healthcare experience, in general, I believe the Fundamentals of Nursing Demystified would be good "skimming" material prior to nursing school and that series is really helpful in nursing school too! Especially the med-Surg one!

Again don't overly exert yourself in a lot of studying or reading, nursing school will do that enough. I did the aforementioned and will be graduating in 25 days from nursing school!!!!

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If you really want to read something, brush up on your A&P and medical terminology. Otherwise, take this time to RELAX and ENJOY YOURSELF. Once nursing school starts you will wish you had the free time you have'll have plenty of assignments and other tasks that will keep you busy.


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I would recommend getting "Fluid and Electrolytes Made Easy" and read that whenever you have a chance.