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Nurse Kyles BSN, RN

Cath Lab & Interventional Radiology
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Nurse Kyles has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cath Lab & Interventional Radiology.

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  1. Nurse Kyles

    Taking patients

    It seems like you need to change things up by switching specialty. I would suggest looking into pre/post ambulatory surgery.
  2. Nurse Kyles

    Cath Lab?

    I have been in the lab for about a year, and not to be negative, but I think it will be really hard to learn on a part time basis. There are a lot of resources out there, but learning hands on is what really helped me the best. I used Medtronic Academy as a resource as well as in services from reps, and the maquet website had a really good education section as well. I uploaded a guide that I found on cath lab lounge that has some good info for a newbie in it. I especially liked the diagrams of the coronary arteries from the different radiographic views. Cardiac Cath Student Nurse Welcome Pack (1).pdf
  3. Nurse Kyles

    Fired from first hospital job

    I think you should really go back to the basics when you get a new position. Take your time so that you can do thorough medication checks. Double check medications with another nurse. The facilities I have worked in REQUIRE a double check for high risk medicines such as insulin. Do not allow yourself to be distracted while you are checking your medications. Ask questions! There is nothing scarier to me than a new employee that doesn't ask questions. I would suggest you be really cautious in the future about reporting a charge nurse to the manager, especially when you have worked on the unit for such a short period of time. The outcome is not very surprising given multiple errors in a short period of time and also getting on the bad side of the charge nurse.
  4. Nurse Kyles

    Frontier ADN Bridge

    I applied for class 172. Good Luck!!
  5. Nurse Kyles

    Class 170 Frontier University MSN

    I am applying to Frontier for FNP for the spring cohort. I am very nervous as well. I think we should both try to be as optimistic as we can though!! Good Luck!!
  6. Nurse Kyles

    Selecting a school

    For what it's worth, my friend just graduated from the AG-ACNP program at Maryville. She said it was "horrible", and she would not recommend it to anyone. It was very disorganized. Also that everyone always failed the exams and they never got explanations about the exam questions. She was in the first acute care cohort.
  7. Nurse Kyles

    Selecting a school

    Which online programs are you looking at? Maybe we could help you further. In your situation, I would definitely choose the program without specific log on times. Will you be back stateside for your clinicals? Do any of the programs have an alumni registry for you to contact for preceptors? What I am gathering is that you need to be researching and securing your clinical sites and preceptors WELL in advance. This could be a potential hold up for you, since you will be overseas and unable to network.
  8. Nurse Kyles

    Selecting a school

    Where have you all applied? I am just starting to apply, and I just hope to get in to one. I already have my choices in order from 1-4 based on things like cost, if the program is all online, known locally, non-profit, format of the curriculum, length of the program, and if the program helps with clinical placement etc. I am only applying to one school that will place you in a clinical if you do not find your own, and if I get into that school, I will definitely choose it over the other all online options. I have heard that tip over and over again, because it seems that many times the clinical placement is the biggest hurdle to overcome. This is just my two cents!
  9. Nurse Kyles

    United States university FNP

    Have you started yet? I am curious about this program. I especially like that the website says they are using multiple different teaching methods vs just here is the book. Read it! I would love to hear how you are doing in the program!
  10. Nurse Kyles

    Narcotics and resentment

    I feel like there is a lot of pressure on nursing staff due to survey results. At my facility, we are extremely liberal with our pain medications. Dilaudid, morphine, oxycontin, oxycodone, tramadol, norco & nucynta are all extremely common. Each patient has at least 4-5 of those listed pain medications on their profile. We give multiple different pain medications, many times simultaneously, and still it doesn't seem to be enough for some. These pharmacological methods are combined with non-pharmacological techniques such as ice, repositioning, distraction, rest, ambulation, massage etc. Our providers are usually very open to switching up medications based on patient preference or suggestion of the nurse. With all of these pain interventions, I feel like we are really trying our best. When a patient complains that their pain wasn't managed properly or indicates poorly on the survey, the manager automatically blames the nurse that they did not do enough for the patient. I personally have been called in the office and reprimanded for only giving 4mg of morphine instead of 6mg without ever asking my reasoning for giving that dose. In attempt to raise our survey results, my facility has resorted to have every single person who goes in the patients room "assess" for pain. This includes CNAs, Pharmacists, kitchen staff and even housekeepers asking the patient about their pain level. I think it is crazy to have housekeepers "assessing" pain!! I personally feel like we need to have frank conversations with patients about realistic pain management goals. I know that I do always try to develop a plan and write the plan on the white board. Unfortunately this doesn't always translate to perfect survey results, which is how success is measured at my facility.
  11. Nurse Kyles

    Nursing Student needing advice!!

    I invested in Davis Drug Guide for my iphone. It is completely worth it. I find the quality of information better than those free apps. I was not allowed to use my phone on the nursing units during school, but it really saved me a ton of time when I was looking up meds/ making drug cards prior to clinical.
  12. Nurse Kyles

    Make It STOP!

    Well, my new manager actually never spelled out the word YOU for about the first two weeks. Email after email she would write 'U', even to emails that were CC'd to upper management. She must have eventually gotten talked to, because she now writes out the word you!
  13. Nurse Kyles

    Tax home & Renting out my house

    I guess my idea having an airbnb rental is that my brother in law lives nearby and I have a friend who does professional cleaning who would be able to manage the airbnb rental. Obviously just renting it out to a roommate would be a lot less hassle though. It is sad to say, but we have so many possessions that I wanted to just store in my basement and lock off, which is totally the lazy thing to do. I might just have to bite the bullet and sort through all my stuff as my laundry is in the basement, and a long term renter would certainly need access to the washer and dryer. It definitely is a lot to think about. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.
  14. Nurse Kyles

    Tax home & Renting out my house

    I am looking to start traveling. I would like to rent out my house as a short term rental unit on Airbnb or to other travelers. I understand that if I rent out my house, I am giving up my tax home, since I am not duplicating expenses. Would it be allowable to put it on Airbnb as a space share, but say we will never be there? It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house so we could just reserve the smallest room for ourselves. If I do indeed rent out the entire house, what would be the best option to maintain the tax home? Should we rent a room from our relative that also lives in this city? I am looking to do things legit as I do not want any problems with Uncle Sam. I appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  15. Nurse Kyles

    First job after NCLEX

    I worked in a PCU as a new grad, and it was a great learning experience. It is especially good if there are many experienced nurses that work on that unit.
  16. Nurse Kyles

    WGU - off to a bad start

    I just finished the BSN program at WGU, and I really think it is the best, most affordable option out there. Even if you are having issues with the enrollment counselor, I would still plan to attend. The enrollment counselor is only for the enrollment process, so once you are through the process you will never have to deal with them again. My student mentor always was able to make our weekly phone calls at a time that was convenient for me. She was also always available via email, and had a link in her email signature to self schedule appointments with her.

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