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Board of Nursing Results.


Hello all,

I was just wondering how accurate the results are for the state board of nursing website. I live in MN and took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and when I went to the Minnesota State Board Of Nursing website this morning, it said "passed exam". I was pretty damn excited when I saw that. Is the state board of nursing website pretty accurate?

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

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If you went directly to the State Board of Nursing website, I'd say its 100% accurate as the BON is who PearsonVue reports the results to. The BON is also the department that issues you your license. Can't get any more accurate than that.

I suppose there could be that 0.0000000009% chance that the person entering the info at the BON entered it incorrectly but I have never heard of anything like that happening.

Alright. Thanks for that, makes me feel a lot better. I was just confused because my quick results aren't available yet but the BON website says I passed.

Thank you! It was such a big weight off my shoulders. I can finally breathe now. Haha.

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I remember those sleepless days before seeing results. CONGRATS! :) I really don't know how nurses who had to wait a month or more for results to come in even functioned.

Yeah. I am working with an RN that said it took her a couple months to get her results. I would have died waiting that long. I'm a pretty impatient person and that wait would have absolutely drain me down. But thank you all for the congrats! I am happy to get this portion of my life going. :)