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:D We have started having a blood drive at my hospital about twice a year. I gave a donation today and I feel great. I don't know if it's the temporary loss of hgb to carry O2 to my brain, or if it's the feeling of knowing it will help someone who really needs it more than I do. Any more blood donors out there? :D


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Hi willie,

I don't donate as often as I should, but when I see blood drives I try to make it. Unfortunately, I usually get sick when I give. Mostly feel flushed like I'm going to pass out but it passes pretty quick.

It is a great feeling in the end though.

I gave every year, but now I can't because I lived in England for several months! I may have been exposed to Creutzfield Jacob (mad cow) and they can't test for it yet.

I almost fell of the chair when they first told me! I was so embarrased walking away without donating.


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{{{{ Dawn }}}}

Don't be embarassed... you made the attempt to donate :) Many others don't get that far.

I'm an off again/on again donor... mainly because I can't keep my H&H high enough for United Blood Services... (maybe that explains my "airhead" :roll

I love when I'm able to donate, though... remember Dawn, it's the thought that counts :D

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I used to donate regularly till I had a FALSE POSITIVE Hbsag. that was about 5 years ago. They do not currently, and haven't for the last 5 years, have a re-entry protocol to allow me to donate even though they confirmed it was a false positive. I called again a couple of weeks ago to see if after 5 years they had developed one. I was told that they have a re-entry protocol at some places other than Red Cross for Hep C and HIV false positives but not for Hep B.

I am a little agravated by it but what can ya do?


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I know exactly how you feel. I was a dedicated blood donor for years. Was part of life. I was astonished at how upset I was when I was no longer able to do so after having had malignant melanoma.

It has been six years since it was diagnosed. Was caught very treatments or anything. I went back a few months ago to see if I could donate now, and I went away in tears! It is very difficult to comprehend why that upsets me so much, but it still does.


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I donate blood 2-3 times a year, and always feel horrible after. I am tired, listless, and have a sensation of feeling cold for about a day.

I now only donate on Fridays, so I can have the weekend to rest. I wish I got that feeling of helpfulness, but I don't. In fact, I probably gave blood for the last time, and have no regrets.


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I almost hate to admit it but I have never donated.

You may find this strange but I hate to get poked!

I can give shots all day long but when they are pointed towards me I feel like I'm going to pass out!!

I have been teased and called a wimp and a woosey and many don't understand it.

I'm too embarrassed to give blood.

Can you imagine a nurse passing out giving blood?

I just pass.



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I've donated blood 2 to 4 times a year for the past 15 years or so and I love being able to do it-- that I'm healthy enough and that I handle the after-effects alright. I have O-neg blood and the workers often tag my blood to go to a Children's hospital, which also makes me feel good. I'm not crazy about the needle stick but I always say a prayer for the Red Cross worker that she'll get a good stick! :) I also drink a TON of fluids before (and after) I donate to help increase my blood volume so I give more quickly and to not feel dehydrated afterward.

The first time I ever gave blood was early in my 20's-- It was LONG before I even thought I could be a nurse and I got squeamish easily. The needle had been inserted and my donation was on its way, but I kept thinking about the blood pumping out of my arm as I squeezed and twirled the little cylinder they give you to hold... Anyways, I ended up with a paper bag over my face, breathing into it because I guess I'd hyperventilated. (I can remember telling myself to take DEEEEP breaths when I got a little light-headed, and a nurse then asking, "Are you okay? You look a little pale...") :imbar:

Well, I didn't donate again for a few years after that bag-on-the-face episode and last year I wasn't allowed to donate because I'd gotten a needlestick at work (I'm O.K.) so it felt great to finally be able to donate again the end of last year. Our church sponsors a blood drive twice/year and all the volunteers are coming from our church after receiving a training course. I plan to take the course in June and then volunteer at our drives. It's nice because in addition to the snacks provided by the Red Cross, some of the volunteers make baked goods. Who knows? Maybe I'll be helping a phlebotomist put a bag over someone's face someday! :)

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I wish that I could donate blood but I get disqualified on several counts - Hx of Hep A, GI bleeder (IBD), multiple trans prior to 1985- but assist with the drives as I can.


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just passed the 6 gallon donated mark and will continue every eight weeks as long as they let me.


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given over the year, then I had a hep C exposure (still negative so far) and traveled out of the country and took antimalarials, so the red cross now really doesn't want me, but I am rabid about encouraging others (like my Mom and dad) to do it.

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