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blackout curtains advice


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RedhairedNurse, BSN, RN

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Hi everyone. Ive just started orientation for my new job and soon ill start my night shifts. I know I want blackout curtains but does anyone know anything about the best types and such? Im willing to spend money on it as long as their really good.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.:nuke:


I used black construction paper, then I placed foil over the construction paper, so it wouldn't have

that cheap look from outside the window.

Turn the fan on high. Works great!

I bought blackout curtains at walmart.com for $20. They work great and they ship to a store for free if there is one on your area. I was a lot easier than paper and foil and duct tape!

NeoNurseTX, RN

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Well I got my pretty curtains over my blackout curtains now but my BO curtains are such a pain to draw back for when I'm off. I really like the cardboard box idea..but my window for my bedroom is HUUUUGE so ..and then I'd have this box thing sitting around when I'm off... ahh well, I guess I'll just stick to a dark room.

I've been working nights for 8 of the last 10 years and think I've tried just about everything. The best solution was a bedroom in the basement! :yeah:

I never did find blackout curtains that worked for me. Currently I'm using heavy curtains that block out more light than any of the blackout curtains I've tried. Some light filters in but it's just enough that I don't need a light on to move around the room.

I had the most success using darkening blinds (inside the window frame) in conjunction with heavy curtains (outside the window frame). With this method, I didn't get light through any openings between the curtain and the walls or seems so I had total darkness. It didn't look bad, was affordable without a lot of effort (or skill) on my part and it was easy to allow light in the room if I wanted. I now have cats who love being in the windows so blinds aren't as practical for me.

You can purchase blackout curtain material at Joanne's or any place where they sell material. When I worked night shift I bought blackout material and just tacked it around my window every morning and it kept out all the light. Not pretty, but there were no "leaks" of light.

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