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  1. mrscoozy

    charge pay

    No extra pay...no assignment...25 beds...MedSurg but also must help in OB, ER, and wherever else there is a crisis. Lots of responsibility for no extra money!!
  2. mrscoozy


    We would get fired for accepting a gift over $3.00. We had a patient bring in about 30-40 books one time for a few specific departments, and the hospital had their lawyer "look in to it" and see if it was ok for us to take one of these gifts. After we got the "ok"...all hospital employees helped themselves and the majority of us who they were actually meant for didn't even get one.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can help me and my fellow nurses on how we can remember to chart our stop times for fluids and ATB. We have a new computer system and there are so many stop times getting missed, and when we don't chart them the hospital doesn't get paid for them. Generally I am pretty good about it, but obviously others aren't because we are constantly getting nasty emails about it. We've even gotten screamed at and threatened to hold our paychecks over this issue. So if anyone else has had to deal with this issue and has any suggestions for me, they would be greatly appreciated.
  4. mrscoozy

    Changing shifts

    Rotating shifts is tough. I did it for over 2 years. I work 12's so it was 7a-7p and 7p-7a and it was all over the place. Even having to switch during the same week. I now work straight NOC because I couldn't do it anymore. Even though nights isn't good for you...its much better than rotating. But if they would guarentee you 1 week of days, 1 week of nites or whatever....that wouldn't be so bad. Depends how much you want the job I guess...good luck.
  5. mrscoozy

    Abdominal Pain

    How about Fear...R/T hospitalization....most kids are scared to be in the hospital.
  6. mrscoozy

    Don't know what to do......

    Well I am an RN of 2.5 yrs with no previous medical experience, and where I work the EMT's basically do the same thing as the ER nurses....besides going out in the ambulance....triage pts, take vitals, history, that sort of thing...they are our saviors in code blues...help us out in any situation. The downside to being an EMT....the pay. They make about $7-10 and hour less that the RN's. They deserve so much more for what they do. Now maybe it's different in other parts of the country...I hope so.
  7. mrscoozy

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    metoprolol, lasix, omeprazole, synthroid, insulin
  8. mrscoozy

    What to do by constantly asked to cover other shifts?

    I get called a lot too...have overtime almost every week. But when they called the other morning at 10:30 after I had worked 3 12hr nite shifts...one nite off...then 3 more....I was sooo mad they woke me up I may never do overtime again! Have some respect people!!
  9. No I am not going to massage your inner thighs.....You ******* Pervert! And would you please, for the hundredth time, keep your gown down. Trust me...your little sausage does nothing for me or the other nurses.
  10. mrscoozy

    What do you have to wear???

    We USED to be able to wear whatever we wanted, but as of Jan 1st now we are color-coded. RN's navy and white...CNA's burgandy...Lab hunter green...Respiratory tan...and so on. We are a small rural hospital and our pts loved the bright pretty scrubs that we used to wear. Now it's just depressing and boring. The BOD seems to think our pts will be able to tell us apart easier if we are color-coded. Really? Most of our pts all know us by name......not the color we are wearing, but what do I know.
  11. mrscoozy

    Any Prison Nurses???

    i would love some feedback from any rn's who work in a prison....likes and dislikes??
  12. mrscoozy

    Got a call for interview, but had applied 8 months back

    i just interviewed today for a job i applied for 2 yrs ago...called me out of the blue on monday. i am currently employed and wasn't really looking to change jobs. now i'm confused of what to do if they offer me a position. it's more money and better benefits, and also in the town i live....but it's 8 hr shifts...i currently work 12....and a totally different environment. i guess i will have to cross that path if it comes my way.
  13. mrscoozy

    What's your favorite computer charting program?

    well i am hoping the computer charting will be user friendly and less time consuming than the paper charting. i have worked with computer charting at other facilities that were a nightmare...so i guess i have to wait and see.
  14. mrscoozy

    What's your favorite computer charting program?

    my facility is still living in the stone age....paper charting! can you believe it? although we are moving to a new facility in the near future with actual computers. 21st century here we come!
  15. mrscoozy

    Huuuge tax refund...bye NS debt!

    well between the 2 i have to pay in about $1200....and i have 3 kids. sometimes that makes me want to quit my job so i can get $thousands$ of dollars of everyone else's money. but i'm not bitter or anything.
  16. mrscoozy

    switching to 3rd shift

    i switch back and forth from days to nights. now that's tough! it doesn't even switch from week to week...i am usually scheduled days and nights in the same week.:sstrs: i have survived this for about a year and a half now, but i am seriously considering going to straight nights so my body can have some sort of normal schedule. of course it is not an option to just do all days since everyone wants that shift. so we'll see what i decide, i am still debating about it, but i would be making more money and usually less stress on nights.