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  1. I'm leaving floor nursing...

    I was a floor nurse too and had to leave. Initially went into Home Health and for the past 4 years have been in Hospice -- and I have loved both! Good luck to you. I doubt you will be going home crying any longer.
  2. What does the inside of YOUR car/trunk look like, LOL?!?

    I do primarily admissions for the company I work for so what I carry in my car would be somewhat different than the case managers. Following is how I organize my car: Behind the back seat: I use a long narrow see-through storage bin for all my cathe...
  3. home health care RN pay (Chicago)

    P.S. Just reread your post and didn't realize when I wrote the first post that you are a new grad. I highly recommend doing AT LEAST one year at a hospital in med surg. You will be much better prepared to work in the home health setting.
  4. home health care RN pay (Chicago)

    I think that is terrible pay, unless they are repeat visits. If that is the pay you are getting to do admissions on away now!!! I get paid hourly, see 5 repeat patients a day, or 3 repeats and 1 admit. Got benefits after working 1 ...
  5. What Would You Do If You Were In My Shoes?

    I would do more research on the facility you will be working at. You could post questions you have about the place here (under "Region" then choose the state you will be working in. I can't help but wonder about the place that is offering you a posi...
  6. QUIT in orientation?

    You only live once and you know your own heart. It sounds like you already know you need to resign from your current position, take your dream job and don't look back! When you resign you don't need to tell them you are accepting another position -...
  7. Has Anyone Else Experienced this ??

    Honestly this sounds like age discrimination -- talk to a lawyer.
  8. Evergreen Nursing and Rehabilitation center in Olympia

    I Glad you like it -- you are one of the few who do. It used to be a great place to work, but no longer.
  9. Evergreen Nursing and Rehabilitation center in Olympia

    Think again about St. Pete's too -- it is total care (no CNA's), you carry a phone programmed to your patients rooms so call lights go off on your phone. It is a nightmare and I would not send my loved one there.
  10. blackout curtains advice

    You can purchase blackout curtain material at Joanne's or any place where they sell material. When I worked night shift I bought blackout material and just tacked it around my window every morning and it kept out all the light. Not pretty, but ther...
  11. Starting to hate nursing...and only doing it for 3 months!!

    [WIKI] This floor is just plain brutal. I cry everytime I have to go to that floor. [/WIKI] Just curious how this floor differs from other floors where you work. Do you have a favorite unit in the hospital?
  12. Starting to hate nursing...and only doing it for 3 months!!

    Doesn't sound to me like the job is not a good fit, but rather your coworkers appear to be non-supportive, which can double the stress. On the other hand, I've learned that sometimes what appears to be rudeness is just the fact the other person is s...
  13. Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    Wow -- this sounds like a very scary place to work. Can't you find something else? You will never feel like you are a good nurse working in an impossible situation like you've described. I agree -- I'd rather work at McDonald's! I feel sorry for...
  14. Depressed about other staffers

    Run...and don't look back!
  15. What would you do??

    You've already received some good advice but take into consideration (which it sounds like you are) you never get those years back with your children and it sounds like you already feel like you are missing out. If your husband found a job closer t...