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  1. ymm123

    Is the nursing shortage over in the Bay Area?

    You want to work at lucile packard, here is my suggestion. One keep an eye on the deadline and apply early. Packards deadline is usually 2 months prior to december and may graduations. Also, Im not sure which school your at in SF but try and get clinical there. Make good connections with your teachers so that they will want to advocate for you. I went to USF and we got to pick our top 3 choices of what we'd like as our final semester preceptorship and theyd try to get it. If your school has something like that, gun for packard. Also getting a job as a CNA or HUC there is a brilliant idea. Charge nurses and managers will know you and your work ethic. One of my roomates became a CNA at the hospital she wanted to work at, got to know people and because she knew the floor she was given her final precptorship on the floor. They then offered her a job half way through her last semester and she happily accepted.
  2. You are in picu and like hearts. Dont listen to the experience doesnt matter, lots of new grad programs in the area for ER, or ICUs will say they prefer or will only hire grads with experience in those areas. Meaning you spent your last semester preceptorship or had an externship in the area. The fact that you've spent time in a PICU and an ER will help. Also even though your not moving until after you graduate, look up the new grad programs and apply. You did say you like pediatric hearts and UCSF has a specialty unit for that. Its the only one in the area I know about and has slots in the new grad program. If you like peds the only other two places that have specialty child hospitals besides UCSF are childrens oakland and stanford's lucile packard in palo alto. Everywhere else just has a peds floor, I wanted to work in a child centered facility which made job searching a bit tougher. Peds just isnt the same to me in adult hospitals. Look around now for jobs, if its a new grad program id apply now if you can or even just get in touch with the nurse recruiters. Apply early and make contacts so they have a personality to match with your qualifications. Know all new grad program deadline dates. They should be up now. And get a feel for how jobs are posted at hospitals who dont have new grad programs and just hire continuously. You can also call and make contact with the recruiters. If you and your husband go house hunting between now and then, Id make an appointment and meet the recruiters and ask for a hospital tour so you can get a feel for where you like better and can make better connections with the people who will be getting your resume.
  3. ymm123

    Priority: Job vs. Board exam

    I lived in the area and unfortunatly didnt look for jobs too much before i graduated. So i ended up taking my RN first. It took off a lot of stress. But call all the hospitals you want, your probably looking at Kaiser, Alta Bates, CPMC, and places like those? Call them, find out about new grad programs, if its better to have your RN first, and if they even hire new grads into L&D. (i think most do depending on if they have training time) But give the hospitals you want to work at a call and see where they stand from the hiring standponit.
  4. ymm123


    This cheating discussion is actually a really good preparation for the professional realm. At my school we signed an honor code. And with each test we had to sign again stating we did not and would not cheat. Although cheating does go on everywhere. But honor is a big part of being a nurse. We all know cheating is wrong. In test situations I would not specifically notify the teacher of who, but I would, like was suggested earlier, let the professor know that it's happening and how I've seen it happen. This is what I signed in agreement to with an honor code. For all those that believe reporting is wrong, with due respect, you worry me . Dealing with the situation is practice. I know cheating isn't on the same scale but, as a nurse you will witness many things that should not occur. These things can and will jeopardize patients lives. The attitude that reporting when rules are broken is none of your business makes me worry that you will be less likely to report or stop colleges when a life is at stake. In our job your going to have to be the person to stop your OR team for the time out they almost forgot, the one to get help for a college who is taking patient narcotics for themselves, or simply be the one who needs to reminding families, other RNs, and Doctors to wash their hands before they touch your patient. We don't have to attack classmates, but we can notify the teacher that something is going on and how it's going on. Anonymously is always better than standing by. We're trained to do nursing interventions. That's one way we will have to intervene during our careers. but that's just my
  5. ymm123

    Priority: Job vs. Board exam

    fear not! I graduate last December and recently went through the same feelings. Not sure what area of Cali your looking for a job in, but CA's job market is a bit different than a lot of states. And if your in an area that there are lots of nursing schools and you want your specialty what Id do is this: - look everywhere and talk to nurse recruiters at places you want to work, ask if they hire new grads with IPs. (make sure you actually talk to someone, this at least gives them some glimpse of who you are) -find out application deadlines. If they have continuous hiring or just new grad programs. -Be aware that depending on your area, some hospitals don't hire people with IPs anymore. Or may hire you but by day one of orientation you must have your RN. Now I'm not sure what is more nerve racking, getting your RN and feeling like you're not getting any response and you'll never get a job or having a job and knowing you'll get kicked out of your program if you don't pass (a bunch of my friends were in that situation, they all passed though) However, Worrying about getting a job was stressing me out so much that I let it go and decided to focus the job hunt after I had gotten my RN since so many people in CA mentioned that once I got it, it would be easier to get a job. If the places you want to work don't have programs that accept applications until later this year, go ahead and breathe and focus on your NCLEX. If you find a job that you'd love and you should apply now. Apply now. Spend a few days collecting information on any job you'd like to have and figure out your timeline. You'll feel a little bit more in control. Also try to stick to the early side of your timeline for applications. Some new grad programs hire people continuously during the application acceptance dates. PS don't forget to keep track of what you've found out. It's annoying to have to re-look things up. So when you find a hospital you like, keep track of the name, its phone number, who you've talked to, what you like, what you don't, and any other info about it. This will help you keep the hospitals straight. Before I got my job I can't tell you how much time I spent relooking up info before I wised up and started keeping track. hope that helps. sorry its so long
  6. ymm123

    San Fran General Hospital??

    It depends on what area you want to work in the hospital. I had my med/surg rotation at sf general. From the inside it has a dingy-er feeling than I like from hospitals (but I went the peds route so I like bright cheery looking hospitals.) Although it's the only hospital I've been in that while walking to my car I felt the need to go home and shower. But it's definitely a good place to learn and I had some pretty awesome pts. It is the trauma center of the area if I'm remembering correctly, and they are also a teaching hospital. UCSF med students have rotations there as well as a myriad of nursing students from schools all over the bay area. So especially if you're in a med/surg area be ready to deal with students. I know a Midwife at general and she's awesome, and the word is their birth center has a good reputation. They have a good handful of midwives there :), as UCSFs program teaches there. One thing I know is that their birth center is the place where many HIV positive mothers are sent due to their ability to help decrease chances of transmission at birth. The hospital is a great place to work if your looking to work at a trauma center or work for underserved populations. Its located in the mission district, and being in SF if you speak a Chinese language or Spanish it would help you a lot. I believe they work on 8 hour shifts. To live Id stay away from these neighborhoods Bayview/hunters point, the tenderloin, and the mission. Some people after living in the area for a while might find an area in or near the tenderloin or mission that they like but I just visit places I like in the mission and see the tenderloin on my way downtown. I've lived in the Richmond district and liked it. Also there's sunset and a whole bunch of others. Just keep in mind the cost of living out in the bay area is among the highest in the country. Look around on the forum and you'll see other advice before moving out to the area.
  7. ymm123

    NICU San Francisco Bay Area

    I find i like the patient mix best in a childrens hospital. Therefore in the bay area you really have 3 options, packard, ucsf, and childrens oakland. Childrens oakland had some NICU positions not long ago, but they hired within house. I like their patient population. UCSF has a great cardiac icu for babies you might wanna check out. I think you apply now and the program starts this july or june. As for housing, Im not sure where you're coming from but incase a million people havent told you already, yes the income is higher but the cost of living is also higher. As for new grad roomates, youd probably meet some in orientation or possibly on craigslist. But thats a gamble. I ended up moving to Central California because I fell in love with the childrens hospital out here (which happens to have some affiliations/shared doctors with packard). I start shifts soon so hopefully I will still be in love after my first week. lol. But good luck.
  8. What kind of staffing ratios do you have? I thought the ratios in my area were mandated nation wide, but maybe its just a California thing.
  9. ymm123

    blackout curtains advice

    well thanks for all the suggestions. I found some kinda tarp like white ones at linnens and things. Theyre being shipped this week. if that doesnt work ill probably head out to home depot or try and construct something myself. thanks everyone! :rcgtku:
  10. ymm123

    blackout curtains advice

    Hi everyone. Ive just started orientation for my new job and soon ill start my night shifts. I know I want blackout curtains but does anyone know anything about the best types and such? Im willing to spend money on it as long as their really good. Any information would be greatly appreciated.:nuke: Thanks!
  11. ymm123

    working hours in CA

    In the bay area there are 12's and 8's. Im tending to see more 8's but it depends on where you go. UCSF has 12's as well as many kaisers so they typically work around 3 days a week. Not sure about sutters. Childrens oakland has 8's mostly and usually work 4/5ths.
  12. ymm123

    Which program in the East Bay do you recommend

    You might wanna check out your schools. UCSF does have a great program but unless things have changed Im pretty sure they only have a masters nursing program. In san francisco, the schools are City college(community college), SF state, and USF(private). If you wanted you could also check out Masters Entry programs (dont know if UCSF has one of those). I dont know anything about ABSN's though. But if you havent heard already some other schools ive seen in clinical rotations are, las medanos, sammuel merrit, and i think i remeber seeing some cal state east bay students. Just make sure when you take your pre-reqs that they are accepted by schools your interested in. If you call the schools they should be able to tell you exactly which courses at your local community college work. Thats how I found out which Anatomy to take at las positas.
  13. ymm123

    howto motivate self?

    when your burnt out its hard to study, and when you try you either: 1)stare at your study materials and get daunted and think about how you should be studying, then proceed to talk to people about how you should be studying 2)start reading, then proceed to have to re-read and re-read the question or line. and sometimes end up day dreaming or telling yourself i have to study!!! some good advice is to make sure your mixing study time with other activities. [color=sienna]if your at the point where you cant look at your book, [color=sienna]dont. [color=sienna]do an activity you like, go watch a movie, draw a picture, turn up some music really loud and dance around your room, do some streatching, meditate. just do something else. if you end up doing something like watching a tv show and it doesnt work. you should really do something active. jogg, swim, something to get your heart going. usually it will help clear your head, get rid of your stir-crazy feelings, and make you ready to attack your books again. [color=darkslategray]you can also try changing up where you study, a park, the library, anywhere in your house or in your front yard. try switching it up.
  14. ymm123

    Help from people who have passed the NCLEX-RN

    I took the hurst review also. Its a prep course. Like all study materials, you never know what you will be tested on in NCLEX because they have a bazillion quesitons in their test bank. But I valued the course's ability to re-explain my basics, and really prep my mind for how to approach the questions. I did well throughout nursing school but still learned from the course. I encourage you to search hurst review in the forums and visit http://www.hurstreview.com to see if it sounds like it will match your study style.
  15. ymm123

    Help from people who have passed the NCLEX-RN

    Silverdragon's right, there are a lot of posts on it that could give you a lot more advice. but one thing I really wish had been engrained in me: **go in convinced that you are gonna take 265 quesitons and take all 6 hours.** Because of my friends experiences and my school, in my head I thought if i know my stuff I wont get many more than 75. Beause of that I was freaked out from question 74 to about quesiton 150. And i know that those questions suffered because I was so freaked out, lol i ended up with 265 questions. go figure, but i still passed! also bring snacks and water for your breaks!
  16. ymm123

    Hurst Review

    I took the hurst review online. it was awsome, also 50 dollars cheaper than in person. For those of you who failed remeber to follow up with marlene and get your extra material. And if you took the course in person, remeber you can access everything online to re-review, including the videos that go over the mock NCLEX rationales and the classes you were in. Also remeber what she taught us, no matter what we do NCLEX is gonna make your "jaw drop". Its meant to challenge us. Just keep trucking and make sure to go over all your rationales and understand them. Maybe while taking practice tests write down why you chose an answer then when grading it compare your rationale with the actual rationale. Anyway, goodluck for next time! you guys can do it!