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Hi all! I am a student (done in May yeah!!!) I was wondering who has worked outside the hospital. There are so many opportunities for nurses now I may go the untraditional route and work somewhere other than a hospital. Can you give me examples of non-hospital nursing jobs?? Thank you!!!! :D

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I have worked home health, hospice and as a consultant. Might be able to do research, work in an office or do case management. Most positions want you to have some acute care experience though. That might be your only roadblock....If you think of home health find an agency with a new grad preceptorship program with a minimum of six months to a year so you have someone to bounce things off of....



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I work in research. It really, really helps if you are organized and LIKE also tends to be self-directed so you cannot be a procrastinator!

I like it. It has worked very well for me (I have never worked a hospital floor outside of nursing school).


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I like paperwork too! Always have...I don't go around saying so but maybe I should! :)


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I would like to do paperwork when I graduate:) Non-hospital nursing job.

Good thread Jessjoy:)


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I am a nurse for a school which serves a special-needs populations! I love the paperwork and the kids!


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I work in Long Term Care, doing wound care part time and working the floor a few days a week. I love working with geriatrics and the paperwork isn't too bad.


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Thanks for the great suggestions! Keep 'em coming!! :)


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I worked for the Department of Labor for 3 years teaching nursing assistants. They pay wan't great, but I had every weekend off, 13 paid holidays a yearand never had to work past 5 pm. It was fun, I realy enjoyed teaching but after a while I was ready to get back to nursing again.


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Look through the long list of "nursing specialties" forums on this BB for more information and ideas.

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Check out:

What can I do with this degree?

Great resource!


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I work in Occupational Health at an electroplating factory. The thing that I enjoy the most is that I have time for my patients. If I need to spend time with someone then I take time and do it. Things are generally more laid back than at a hospital and there is not a waiting room full of people demanding my attention. Most of the workers take their breaks at the same time so generally I know when I'm going to be busy and can schedule my day accordingly. I've been here since May and I love it. I've only been called away from lunch once and I get to lunch on time. When things aren't busy I can surf on the net for health and safety related topics. I do lots of health teaching and NEED the net to print out information for my patients after all.

( I consider Allnurses to be health related. It has nurse in the web address so I doubt that IT would question me surfing while at work).

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