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Betrayed by my Program


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decembergrad2011, BSN, RN

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At my college there is usually only two instructors who teach any theory class each semester. There is 4-6 different clinical instructors. As you stated, there is usually one who is a little better than the other. Some instructors are not as good with time management, timeliness, or organization. I would prefer to avoid those instructors. Perhaps others students wouldn't find those issues as big of deal. I haven't always gotten my first choice, but that is life.

I think it is pretty rash to say there is a "huge problem with my program," because I use a an instructor rating site to decide which instructors I would prefer to take. I was simply suggesting using it as a tool, if nothing else, to know exactly what you're getting into. All of the reviews on there are personal opinions on individual experiences. It is important to take it with a grain of salt. I mostly look for trends like "instructor is always late". I go to a state technical college. Maybe if I was paying lots of money to go to a private college the fact that all of the instructors are not A+ quality would bother me more.

I didn't say there was a huge problem with your program specifically, just that if your learning potential hinged on choosing the right professors or CI's, there's a problem. In relation to the OP, I don't think that sounds like an option even because the school is very against speaking up and students may fear retaliation if they express their opinion online. Regardless, I don't think that it would be fair for discrepancies to be that great between instructors, or there is a problem. I understand what you're saying, don't get me wrong, I don't think it really applies to what is happening here though - it sounds like it's an almost unanimous bad teaching atmosphere.

I go to a state university, and I pay in-state tuition that's low comparatively. I'd still want good professors because I am essentially paying them to teach and train me how to be a good nurse.


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I think it's typical to lose students every quarter. My community college that I attended had 100% on the LPN year and then lower for the RN. This tells me that they would weed out. I believe this is typical of every school.

OP, I realize you are trying to save/help other students but IMHO you are asking for trouble.

I got the advice to keep my head down and don't cause trouble. I followed it and as a result I'm a nurse. Your end goal is to be a nurse. Remember your goal.


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OP: I would like to wish you the best of luck in getting the instructors, who obviously have a different agenda apart from teaching the material and being there for the students, exposed for what they are doing. That is horrible and I really want you to know what an incredible person you seem to be. You could turn the other cheek, graduate and move

on as if nothing ever happened. But you have a conscience

and a heart and hate to see others scutinized and demeaned in the way you have explained. It is people like you that force the hideous practices of those in superior positions to be held accountable for their actions. I do not see how others can not empathize with how your friends must feel when exam questions that are written with errors should be able to be appealed. However, every one with authority wants to turn a blind eye. Again, good luck and God Bless you for caring!!! I know you will make an incredible nurse one day.:)

latebloomer74, LPN

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OP, I totally sympathize, I know how you feel. Many of my classmates felt cheated out of a real nursing education. I know where you're coming from.

As for some of the other posters, they need not be so wordy, between the lines they say 3 words, Suck it up. That's their opinion....