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Hello everyone,

I graduated from nursing school last month and I am starting to get REALLY stressed out about taking the NCLEX. I was initially using ATI to study, but I have been told by several nurses that this will not help me at all when I take my boards. I also didn't feel like I was getting much out of ATI because I started to just memorize answers and there were not many questions for me to study. Does anyone feel the same way about ATI? I use NCLEX 4000 right now, I have beend studying for about 3-4 hours a day, is this enough? Also is NCLEX 4000 too easy? Should I be using something else to study for NCLEX as well? I am so nervous about this test and still waiting for my ATT even though I applied 3 weeks ago. Is that usually how long it takes? Sorry for all the questions! Any feed back would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

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I used Saunders for review, and Mosbeys for questions. Got 75 passed only study 2 a day so your ahead of the game.

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Thank you for your feedback! I guess I'm just nervous about it becuase I hear all these nightmares about the NCLEX lol. I need to review my lab values more though and Pharm really kicks my butt. I like the math problems, but knowing all those drugs is difficult for me!

Try not to stress yourself out so much. The NCLEX really is not that bad. I studied 3-4 hrs a day with Kaplan, Saunders and I did practice questions on Facebook from Pedia and ATI. I also found some old Kaplan Qbanks and I had a few apps on my iPhone (all free).

I think Saunders was great for review.

Focus on infection control and labs. There was some meds but not that many on my test. Just try and memorize the basic categories so you can recognize any meds that you don't immediately remember what it is taken for. Also try and memorize the most important ADR to watch out for. For example ototoxicity, hepatotoxity.

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I will do that! Thank you for your help :)

Im glad you asked this, as I take the NCLEX in a few weeks and am in a panic also. I have my two kids at home with me so I am not able to put hours into it. :( Good luck!

I have 4 kids, one who still breastfeeds. I also work night shift full-time. If I can do it, anyone can do it! Good luck on your studying!

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Oh Honey,...I remember the fear so well! I was shaking thru the whole test, and when it cut off I at 75 I about jumped out of my skin. I fiqured I did really well or really bad! It seemed really hard to me, I got so many select all that apply, hate those! Then I keeped trying the Pearson trick, but I keeped waiting for it to say I passed. I didn't know that it takes you to credit card screen if you I tried it for 2 days. I'm sure it wasn't as hard as I made it out to be. I was just so scared of failing it, I didn't want to be the person in class who failed it. I put so much pressure on my self. I wish I could have listened to my mother, tha.t it was just a test, and I could retake it.

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I am sure we will both do fine! We'll feel much better once we have taken it :)

I used Kaplan. Their Qbanks were VERY helpful...some NCLEX questions were almost identical in structure and format. I also watched the Review of Questions videos. That helped a lot! I passed with 75 questions and the Kaplan review (they give individualized study plans week by week) was a huge help!!

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Thank you! :) I will look into Kaplan as well.

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