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  1. QuenymamiRN


    It's really not that bad. A lot of it is redundant and there are a lot of practice material in it.
  2. QuenymamiRN

    Need Excelsior CPNE Advice Please!!!

    I highly recommend Sheri's workshop. It is a teaching and practicing workshop,
  3. QuenymamiRN


    Everyone gets a 50% on the NCLEX when they pass. Higher level questions are given when you are doing well.
  4. QuenymamiRN

    What do you do the day before the test?

    The day before I read the allnurses study guide. That's it. I had a good nutritious dinner and got as much sleep as I could.
  5. QuenymamiRN

    Studying pharm a waste of time?

    I only got 3 meds but mostly likely because I recognized them. I highly recommend that you know the meds. You can't know everyone but the most common ones for each subject. Saunders was great for pharmacy review.
  6. QuenymamiRN

    need help

    I suggest you get Saunders LPN NCLEX review and Kaplan. Any and every subject can be on the test. It is random so there's no way to know what you should focus on. However you definitely need to know infection control and labs.
  7. LPN can suction a stable patient but on the NCLEX likely not stable so don't pick that. LPNs can do sterile wound changes and unsterile wound dressing changes. Can't do 1st dressing change after surgery. Can insert a foley and do straight cath. Can't reinsert a GT or peg. Can't insert NGT. Can't insert suprapubic. No IV period! Insulin yes if stable. Trach care yes if stable. Tube feeding yes. Chest tube No! Can ambulate a pt except when assessment is needed such as first time pt ambulated after surgery. Pick the most stable patient. Usually it will be giving meds (not IV) ambulating a patient or doing a wound dressing change. Can do colostomy/ileostomy except sp surgery and needs assessment of stoma. Can irrigate. As I suggested in my prev post get the PDA book. For cna do not assign a patient that needs to be assessed in any way, needs teaching or evaluation. Can feed but not a sp cva being fed first time or having a change in condition that affects swallowing. May calculate intake and output (even with a foley). Can bathe and transfer a pt. Can't do colostomy/ileostomy care. Can't take care of an unstable pt.
  8. I heard that a nurse lost her license and is now working for Walmart because she didn't call the Dr for a BP of 200/100. The patient ended up having a stroke and the employer reported her to the BON. So, keep that in mind when considering whether to call a nasty dr or not. When they are rude just go to the supervisor and call the head dr. There is always another dr you can go through.
  9. QuenymamiRN

    Best study material for the NCLEX?

    I have 4 kids, one who still breastfeeds. I also work night shift full-time. If I can do it, anyone can do it! Good luck on your studying!
  10. I agree. I am an LPN, recently just passed the NCLEX RN. I had a resident that went south. She was a DNR and the supervisior wanted to wait it out and let day shift deal with it. I ended up calling the MD and having the resident sent to the hospital for further eval. She was later admitted with respiratory failure. There are some docs that are very rude and will say "And you called me because?" I just reply "Doc I called you because....needs...because..." and get my orders and go on my merry way.
  11. QuenymamiRN

    Best study material for the NCLEX?

    Try not to stress yourself out so much. The NCLEX really is not that bad. I studied 3-4 hrs a day with Kaplan, Saunders and I did practice questions on Facebook from Pedia and ATI. I also found some old Kaplan Qbanks and I had a few apps on my iPhone (all free). I think Saunders was great for review. Focus on infection control and labs. There was some meds but not that many on my test. Just try and memorize the basic categories so you can recognize any meds that you don't immediately remember what it is taken for. Also try and memorize the most important ADR to watch out for. For example ototoxicity, hepatotoxity.
  12. QuenymamiRN

    Comprehensive review books: Saunders, Mosbys

    I used Saunders and Kaplan (the book, not the course). The questions did seem to be easy but I wouldn't say easier than NCLEX. To me the NCLEX seemed pretty straight forward and I feel that Saunders did prepare me well for it, not so much Kaplan.
  13. QuenymamiRN


    I had a ton of SATA, I would say at least half of the exam was SATA.
  14. QuenymamiRN


    When you take the NCLEX they are very clear that you do not get partial credit. You either get the question right or wrong. There is also no such thing as a certain set of options always being correct.
  15. QuenymamiRN

    Anyone gotten PVT popup and failed?

    I think the only time PVT is wrong is when you have taken the exam the maximum number of times your BON allows before they make you take a refresher course.
  16. QuenymamiRN

    NCLEX-RN on Tuesday!

    Congrats! I didn't get any drug calc but did have to calc fluid intake.