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I want everyone's take on which shoes are the best for clinical purposes. I want something that will treat my feet well, but at the same time I don't want to spend a car payment on a pair of specialized nursing shoes for my school uniform only to be hired at a hospital with strict dress codes. My thoughts on this is that I'll use my time in school to experiment with several pairs of affordable shoes to find out what my feet like, then splurge on the expensive stuff once I graduate. I have heard that some of the more inexpensive brands (new balance, Nike, reebok) are great. I'm asking which brand/model everyone wore for clinicals. My school isn't very strict--just has to be white closed toe shoes. I want something close to leather that I can wipe off though.



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I took yalls advice and tried on all of the nursing shoes they had. Went back a second day in a row to try on again after thinking about it over night, and I chose nurse mate doves. Pretty darn comfortable so far, and since the mate to the only pair of size 7 they had left was a model shoe that had a scuff and a kinda grungy interior that needs to be cleaned, I talked the manager into a 20% discount. Scuff came right out with a Clorox wipe :)

Lets hope my feet don't end up being difficult.


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I wore tennis shoes first...and then I got my first Dansko pair. I just Love them. My feet don't hurt anymore, not even after a 12 h shift. No pain in feet, toes, legs. And they look great and professional too. Just looooove my Danskos! :):yes::cat:

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I see you already found your shoes, but in case anyone else is looking - Skechers Go Walk with the memory foam are my #1. Feather light, squishy, and my feet never hurt. Slip-ons, but they don't slide right off your feet like Danskos (hated those - tried a pair for 5 minutes). I can't even wear regular Nikes in my everyday life anymore because these shoes have revolutionized my feet.

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Steletto heels.

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I never found a comfortable pair. The older I got, the more tender my feet became. The only thing that worked for me was changing socks and shoes mid-shift and massaging with foot pain relief cream.

Hope you find something that works for you.

I do this too when I'm in the ER. I thought I was the only crazy person that needed to do this [emoji23]


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I do this too when I'm in the ER. I thought I was the only crazy person that needed to do this [emoji23]

This idea has been filed away for later. Makes perfect sense. Different shoes create tension in different spots. Can't believe I'm only just now hearing of this.


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I know you found your shoes, but I bought the Timberland Pro Renova shoes based on old posts and my feet eventually started hurting. I gave in and bought some Akesso's and that was the best purchase ever. The shoes feel like heaven to my feet. The leather is water resistent and is treated so that even blood can be easily wiped off. I do want to try Alegria still, just so that I'm not putting so much wear on one shoe.

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I bought a pair of new balance last year with a wider heel base and I absolutely love them. They are professional looking (mostly white with a little blue), light weight, and comfortable for 12 hour shifts. I do still wear compression stockings but I think these are the absolute best for your money. I bought a pair of Dansko shoes two years ago when everyone was raving about them and I just really think they're super over rated. It's worth it to spend money on your shoes but Dansko I would disagree with getting unless you really try them out in the store and are for sure in love with the way they feel (which to me were too heavy and I didn't like the heel slipping).


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I made the mistake when I was in nursing school to purchase a pair of Danskos because everyone said they were perfect. However, they were not perfect for me. By the end of the day in Danskos I had shin splints (as a previous poster states) and I also had issues with my heel on my right foot. I promised myself I'd never purchase another pair and i haven't. However, I found Asics are AMAZING and I wear them all the time, I have 5 pairs of them that I wear to work. 12 hours on my feet running around the ER and not a bit of discomfort or pain.

I haven't started NS yet but I can attest to Alegrias. I have neuropathy and these shoes are the best of any at any price. I try to find them on sale. I even found a pair of the $120 Palamino style on sale at DSW (first time I ever saw them there) for $42. Also you can go to They also have close outs. I have heard that Jeff State requires the shoes to be all white but make allowance for the blue heart on Nursemate. I am hoping I can approval to wear Alegrias.

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I wore uncomfortable, flat white, shoes. I wish I had learned of Alegria or Danskos before. Danskos has a month break in period though. In all honesty, the schools have a stricter dress code than any hospital I have worked in. I think Alegria shoes are like walking on nice, fluffy beds. Danskos have a breaking in period of like 1 month.

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I bought some solid black ones for my NP clinicals (they have paisley prints on them but barely noticeable. I've worn them for interviews too). To be honest, spending 130 on a shoe isn't that bad if you think about it. You should be able to get 2 years worth of clinicals out of them if not a little bit longer.

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