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I hit JC Penney a couple times a year and have always found white leather New Balance shoes for half price. No particular season, just clearing out for new stock.

Foam inserts, two pairs of thick cotton socks from The Sock Lady, and antiperspirant on soles make my feet happy most days.

I second the compression hose suggestion. It makes a world of difference.

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I have been. For two days I've been creepin' on the old threads but very often every time I say "Oh! I think those shoes would work!" I go to search for them and they're no longer being sold because the thread is 2+ years old. Hence the request for insight on what people are currently wearing ;)

You can get every opinion there is but the only thing that is going to help is how your feet feel.

Personally I have very high arches and can only wear sneakers, and I need as much support around the ankle as I can get.

Other people will tell you I'm crazy and swear by their Danskos. Trial and error is the only way.


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IDK, lots of nurses have opinions and favorites, but i just wear Nike tennis shoes. I'm easy to please


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My school didn't clarify at first what it wanted. All it said in our packet was to get "solid white closed toes" but a few nursing friends that are in my program told me today that they really crack down on shoes and it's best to go with actual nursing shoes. Shoe laces are supposedly against the rules. So now I'm swaying towards nurse mates or Klogs or something like that. Danskos are precious. It's just the money factor. I'm going to try some stuff on tomorrow.


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I feel like nothing works for my feet. I've read that some people actually switch shoes halfway through the shift and I feel like that's something I'd have to do too. My feet are so swollen by the end of the day I actually drive with just my socks on. The minute I got into the car the shoes went off.

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I want everyone's take on which shoes are the best for clinical purposes. I want something that will treat my feet well, but at the same time I don't want to spend a car payment on a pair of specialized nursing shoes for my school uniform only to be hired at a hospital with strict dress codes. My thoughts on this is that I'll use my time in school to experiment with several pairs of affordable shoes to find out what my feet like, then splurge on the expensive stuff once I graduate. I have heard that some of the more inexpensive brands (new balance, Nike, reebok) are great. I'm asking which brand/model everyone wore for clinicals. My school isn't very strict--just has to be white closed toe shoes. I want something close to leather that I can wipe off though.

Honestly, the best shoes I've ever had for the longest period of time were the knock off Crocs. Literally, they're about $9.00 at Big 5 or another sporting/shoe store (or online). In nursing school I wanted to get the Danskos because they were everything and looked SO good. However, I saved up for them (cause I had a below minimum wage job at the time with the massive course load I had), got them, and they made my feet miserable. Ended up giving them to someone else so that was $100 gone.

The Danskos I CAN wear are the clogs with the strap because my feet are too wide for the conventional clogs. The Crocs look silly (even though there are newer ones with better colors and designs now), but they do the job for WAY less.



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New balance!!!

I should also add that I am a certified foot care nurse. Danskos or clogs DO NOT cut it because they have no stability. You need laces or straps to keep your foot from sliding back and forth, especially if you are on your feet all day. Also, danskos do not breathe. At all. Sweaty stinky feet at the end of every day unless you have Barbie feet.

I have tried multiple brands: Brooks, saucony, sketches, and asics. New balance seems to be the most comfortable for shoes that are not custom molded to your feet.

Yay for everyone encouraging compression! 10-30 mmhg are the magic numbers. Some compression is better than no compression.


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I agree with this. Very expensive, but I had a pair last for over a year working at an inpatient hospice unit. I have large and wide feet and these were so comfortable!!


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Im so glad you posted this thread .. I was wondering the same thing as well. I was planning on getting he all white reebok but now Im kinda comcerned if theyre comfy enough.

I will have to look into the compression socks. If I can luck into some half priced Danskos I will surely give them a try as well. I'm just afraid of buying something that feels great in the store but then 3 months down the road I'm hurting in a pair of $150 shoes!

I myself bought $100 shoes... in my second semester my feet killed me. So i bought some insoles hoping it works... I dont blame you one bit with not wanting to waste money!


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I tried on a couple different types of shoes last night after work. The reebok classics were the only things that I didn't have any issues with. Really comfortable. But I can't wear them at clinicals come to figure out because of the no shoelaces rule.

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