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Hey, everyone. I'm going to be graduating next Spring (hopefully) and I'm trying to find places to where I may move. I live in Florida right now and I'm just ready to get out. My question is what are the best places in Massachusetts for a new grad to go? Any cities in particular that some of you had success in as a new nurse? Any particular hospitals that are known for hiring new graduates? Any nice neighborhoods? Any and all information would be helpful. Thanks!


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The New Grad network in all of Mass is very grim :(

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The New Grad network in all of Mass is very grim :(

Oh, no :( Why is that?

Mass has enacted a health reform bill, this has limited hospital services therefore limiting jobs. With so many hospitals and nursing schools have left a surplus of nurses.


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will that get better in any future?:madface:


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Not in the foreseeable future. New grad positions are taking over a year after graduation to obtain. I just got my first real hardcore med-surg position and I'm 14 months out...still isn't where I want to be. I really want to work in pediatric oncology but they are only hiring internally and the wait list is 4 years long AFTER you become an internal employee!


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Agreed, I have been applying in the Boston area since May as a new grad and I still have not had any replies yet :uhoh3:

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As a general rule, it is much more expensive to live in than Florida, though I greatly enjoyed my time there as a traveler.

The job market, though, is as bad or worse than Florida's. Right now the the recession has hit the job market nationwide pretty badly, and will need to recover for there to be more jobs. You can scan the BB for more information.

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You might be in better shape to get a year experience under your belt before coming up. If you have a year there are plenty of jobs

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I also noticed Mass hospitals will only hire BSN nurses.


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Does anyone suggest any particular hospitals to apply to? I will be graduating in Dec, and then siiting to take my boards shortly after.

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I also noticed Mass hospitals will only hire BSN nurses.

Not all MA hospitals. The big teaching hospitals in Boston will only hire new grads with BSNs, and will hire ADNs with experience. Other hospitals in MA hire new grad ADNs though. The problem is that many hospitals aren't hiring new grads at all right now, BSN or ADN.

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