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Hello All,

I would like to thank you all in advance for any experiences, suggestions, and comments that you may share.

I have been a civilian nurse for approximately 8 months (wow, didn't think that it was that long, so soon, lol.) Anyway, I am very interested in becoming a military nurse, not too sure of which branch yet. My curiosity was sparked while previously working at a VAMC in my area as a student nurse while still in nursing school. While there I spoke to former nurses in the military and civilian nurses considering a career in the military.

Although many people are telling me to consider the Air Force, before I decide on which branch to join I want to make sure that my decision is an informed one. So for those of you who were or still are nurses in the military please share your experiences as far as time-span it takes to actually get in, length of training, places of deployment, work hours and conditions, etc. Also, please provide the pros and cons of each branch and the advantages of one branch over another, if any. I really appreciate any input you provide.

lots of great info already in this forum - spend some time and peruse.. there is also an exp sticky up top... it's typical for civilians to say join AF.. it does have a better overall lifestyle but that being said.. the medical/nursing world in general is a much more comfy place then being a line Soldier..

you can find some basic info by jotting down what is important to you.. lifestyle, location, loan repayment, etc.. and then writing down info from every branch.

If you don't want to do that...just take my advice and goarmy.

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But if she went army, wouldnt she have to shoot people? Everyone knows all soldiers are stone cold killers, even pac clerks :loveya:

Irishman good point.. you know there 'is no front line' anymore..:yeah:


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A bunch of us are still waiting on our orders, we have been comissioned and have dressed up for it but that is it.


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i agree, army all the way.

that being said people join for so many different reasons and each branch has its own pull. its not really something that can be answered by others. for example, my husband wanted to join the airforce. they could not give him the job he wanted. this was the most important thing to him. he was not even looking at army but all the other recruiters were out to lunch. the army offered him the job he wanted and that was enough. he has been in 18 yrs and loving it. so the only advice i can give is make a list of what is important to you, and go from there, talk to the different recruiters. Good luck in your decision.


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I am an active duty Army Nurse Corps Officer, and have been for the past 18 years. My initial intent was to join the military for 4 years and return to my civilian job, but here I am! There is much to be gained from being a military nurse. The opportunities to grow personally and professionally are endless. There are numerous avenues to pursue your interests in the personal, clinical and educational arenas because of the well-established military career path, and the support and mentorship that are available. Not only would you get exposure to a variety of nursing situations, but you would do so at a variety of locations! What other nursing agency would provide you such opportunities while giving you the opportunity to fulfill a patriotic duty? Good luck in your decision! I hope you consider joining the Army team :)


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The roles in the Army are different - none includes "shooting people". A nurse in the Army is responsible for taking care of the sick.


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Don't forget about the blue side of things. Navy nursing!!!

All your duty stations are close to the wonderful beaches and water. You won't have to worry about field training. You just have to learn how to swim. But personally no matter where you are stationed in the navy there is no bad location i.e San Diego, Virginia, Bethsada, Jacksonville, Pensacola, etc compared to Ft. Leonard wood I love you ANC nurses and I know you will jump on me for this one but the Army has some of the most desolate "boring" cities to be stationed especially if you are young and single. Just my

two cents!!!


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That may be so sassysailor, but it affords invaluable experience with support and molds for independent/interdependent practice


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The roles in the Army are different - none includes "shooting people". A nurse in the Army is responsible for taking care of the sick.

unless you want to count giving injections............... tee hee!

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The roles in the Army are different - none includes "shooting people". A nurse in the Army is responsible for taking care of the sick.

You missed the intent of that post; of course its not a nurse's main role to close with and destroy the enemy through fire and manuver. The possibility is just an added bonus :D.

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