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sassysoldier specializes in Neuro, Surgical, Trauma and ICU..

Army brat that can't get away from the military.

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  1. Invisalign

    I have traditional metal braces and I leave for training on monday so I will let you know once I get there. I have a few friends who were in the military and had braces so I didn't think it was a problem. I do know that TRICARE doesn't cover for anyo...
  2. January OBLC

    For everyone who is going to January BOLC, I look forward to seeing you there and I think I sent everyone a personal message so we can connect before we get out there. My coworker and I are coming from Ft. Gordon and leaving on monday. I am excited a...
  3. January OBLC

    Hey just sent you a personal message.
  4. Civilian jobs on military bases

    I started off as a contractor for military, then went civilian then commissioned. The popular contractors I have heard of are Trustaff, Serco, Sterling medical. CPOL and USAJOBS are the federal sites.
  5. Timeline to Commissioning

    I am so happy to finally be on the other side of the worry group. LOL I know we have several applicants on the board and I wanted to share my timeline and process. Now here are some factors that may have affected my application that may or may not ...
  6. Order of Merit List, how it works?

    I was placed on the OML (ORDER OF MERIT LIST) in September of 2010 for Army active. No one could really give me a good indication of where I was on the list. As soon as Oct 1st hit I got a call from my recruiter stating your up on a Thursday, do you ...
  7. January OBLC

    I agree NCO's are your "KEY TO SUCCESS" throughout your career. Why do you call it SHAM houston tell us more Sometimes orders are a pain however, I would keep checking with your branch they can call you as soon as it comes through. I know my duty s...
  8. ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    For all of the ladies who have been on the OML list I just want to tell you to stay encouraged. If you have been on this board for a while you have seen my name for over 2 years going through my commissioning process. I started off Navy packet got ap...
  9. ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    Happy Thanksgiving all. One thing I have realized as a year can change a whole lot of things. Just imagine that a year from now we all can be in uniform in a different city or place and thankful for different things. Everyone I know last year who we...
  10. January OBLC

    I haven't heard anyone who liked ft. polk or the area. I am praying orders mysteriously change by the time I finish OBLC. First choice: Anywhere in ga 2nd choice: Germany 3rd choice: anywhere in texas. Very broad, also I currently work as a civlian ...
  11. January OBLC

    My duty station is Ft. Polk MEDDAC. My wait has been very long however, just like many others say once you get approved everything moves fast. One thing I do wanna give a heads up is that alot of the classes for OBLC are already full it looks like u...
  12. Student Loans not covered???

    Which branch are you referring to?
  13. ANC Nov Board & M5 ID

    Good luck to all on the November Board. Its been almost a year since I have been back on here however I was just commissioned as 1LT, AOC: 73A, Medical Service Corps. I will be in the January OBLC class. Keep us updated on the results. :D
  14. January OBLC

    Is there anyone going to the January Army OBLC in San Antonio? I just got my orders I will be there!! I am not thrilled about my duty station but I am going to make the best out of it.
  15. security clearance interview

    I also had one of these interviews and i never met with the interviewer again. We actually sat back and chatted after we went through my credit report about what college her daughter was going to as I was encouraging her to my alma mater. They went t...