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Barry CRNA Starting 2016


Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a thread for those applying to the CRNA program at Barry University starting January 2016! Comments, Questions, Concerns, Advice...

Also, is anyone in Miami interested in starting a GRE study group?

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I like the idea of this group. I have no clue when I will apply just that I will want to in the future. What type of experience are applicants listing? Right now I'm in the ER and want to get some ICU experience.

Most applicants are applying with ICU experience. They accept a lot of students meaning more than most other schools. If you have ICU experience and a decent resume' you have a good chance to get in, but the program is very difficult so make sure you're prepared to bust your hump. This program contains more sciences than most other programs because you'll recieve a Master's in Anesthesiology as opposed to a Master's in Nursing. I've spoken with current students that state they wish they would have pursued another program for the previously stated reason, as well as other reasons. With that said, if you complete the program you will be prepared to practice.

Hello RNKay. I have applied for this start date. I'm just missing a few documents. Essay is the one I'm having the most trouble with honestly. How's the application process going for you?

Planning on applying for 2016 as well. Got most of the documents completed. Do you know what GRE/GPA score Barry is looking for? What's your stats? My GRE score is so so but everything else is good. Not sure how much this weights in the application process.

I have yet to take the GRE. But I know they want each section to score above the 40th percentile


You might be interested in checking this webinar out: Webinar : Anesthesiology (MS) : College of Nursing and Health Sciences : Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida

As the webinar states the class of 2016's average student profile looks like this: 2-4 years ICU experience, 3.37 GPA, over 70% are CCRN certified, Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores are averaged at the 40th percentile and 50th percentile for analytical.

I'm a little worried because my stats are not that strong... yet. I have 8 months experience in a med/surgical ICU (It will be a year in April, so I will be applying quite close to the deadline). I was hired into ICU as a new grad. I plan on taking the CCRN when I have my 1750 hours which should be around February and the GRE in February as well. I was valedictorian in nursing school with a GPA of 3.8; and also worked as a peer tutor.

Soo again, stats not great as of now but I am keeping my head up :up:

oh, and I am currently on two committees at work :bookworm:

Thanks for starting this page RNKay! I am getting my application together as well. I'm planning on taking the GRE at the end of January, other than that I just need to complete my shadow day and write my essay. Your stats sound pretty strong other than the experience, I did read on the Barry website that the CCRN serves as evidence of the required knowledge and experience. I think if you can get that you will probably be a strong applicant.


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I will be applying for Barry's Spring 2016 start.


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How is everyone doing with the application process? GRE? CCRN? I still have to take both. Good luck to everyone.

I wanna apply asap, but still waiting to be ready to take the GRE. Before I just figured I'd retake it if I bombed it, but that thing isn't cheap! I got my CCRN and shadowed on Monday for the first time. Has anyone finished their app yet? I know they started reviewing apps this month. Wonder when the first round of interviews is.

Completed and sent in my application already. Hoping I get called for an interview.


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You are on the ball! I am so behind! I have a lot to do before May. Good luck to you.


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Has anyone received an interview offer for Spring 2016 yet? I am studying for the GRE now using the ETS book I purchased. I am having a hard time studying for the Quantitative portion of the test. Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this test section? I tried studying last night and I fell asleep after one question. I am open to all suggestions.


Thanks much. I got called on Wednesday for an interview taking place on the 4th of March . For the GRE, I used the Magoosh app and found it very helpful.


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Awesome sauce! I wish you lots of luck. Are you located in Florida? Do you know which clinical site(s) you are interested in? Keep us posted.


Do you mind sharing your stats? Just a little worried about my GRE score. A little on the low side. Thinking about retaking it. Congrats on getting an interview!!!í ½í±