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  1. 2017 New (enclosed in plastic covering) Valley Review Sweat Book for sale. Goes for over $700 normally. Selling for much less...
  2. MatyIce

    Best "fast-track" advice for an older career changer.

    Ok then. How do you like me now?
  3. MatyIce

    Not sure CRNA is for me

    So why don't you?
  4. MatyIce

    Current or Recent FIU CRNA Grads

    Hey, Just wondering about general info regarding FIU's program. How are the first 2 semesters? Any tips with anything. Starting in August so just doing a little background searching. We haven't been assigned a current student to speak with as of yet. Orientation is just before the program starts in August so that's still a long way off.
  5. MatyIce

    Sad Boards

    Hey CrnaRose. I'm going to be starting school in a few months. Just wanted to say good luck. Don't get down on yourself. Hope the second time is your charm.
  6. Makes sense.
  7. MatyIce

    Barry University or FIU c/o 2017

    Thank you. 3.7 last 60 credits, 153/156 GRE, CCRN, 2 years CVICU (it'll be 3 years by the time I start), CABG, most other vascular patients, and ICP monitoring.
  8. MatyIce

    Working while in CRNA school...

    You cannot work while in crna school nor would you want to. The workload is going to be insane.
  9. MatyIce

    Barry University or FIU c/o 2017

    I was accepted to and have chosen to attend FIU, which I am ecstatic about. I start in August 2015.
  10. MatyIce

    Paying for your program & living expenses

    I'm not an expert in this as I have yet to go through it myself. With that said, the students that spoke to me during my interview stated that your disbursement will total $10,250 every 4 months, which will leave you with approximately $2,000 extra after tuition and books to spread out over those 4 months. These figures are with basic loans that most students will receive for CRNA school. If you elect to take out more that's your choice, but of course those loans usually come with signing away an arm and leg. It will be tight, but we can do it....
  11. MatyIce

    Jane Fitch MD, prior CRNA, now Anesthesiologist elected president ASA

    JWK, you should reread the posts that you conveniently disregard in your argument. You are wrong. Yes, physicians are very well-trained, but so are nurses. The two disciplines come from very different starting points, but this doesn't mean one is better than the other at a specific specialty. I see new docs come out of med school with all their residency training and pathophysiology classes that couldn't hold a candle to a good ICU nurse. I'm not referring to anything fancy either like managing a CABG patient out of surgery. I'm referring to running a code. CRNA's do it just as good as MDA's. We say that nursing will move forward with more attention to research and EBP. Well, the research has been conducted and the proof is there. This is about money. Plain and simple.
  12. MatyIce


    The DNAP sounds great and is a source of pride, but from everyone that I have asked, which includes MDA's and CRNA's, there doesn't seem to be any benefit in doing the DNAP at this point. As a doctoral prepared CRNA there is not a greater pool of jobs or greater potential to be hired, nor is there a higher pay wage. With an already demanding curriculum at the MSN level, why make schooling that much more difficult. I'd say get through the MSN first and go back to complete the DNAP. Either way, you will be doing the same things clinically.
  13. MatyIce

    I finally made it!!!!

    So cool. Congrats!
  14. MatyIce

    Steps to become a CRNA?

    To get into CRNA school you only need to complete your ASN and become an RN. After that you are golden for gettting into a CRNA with a pharmacology degree, assuming you have the grades.
  15. MatyIce

    Barry CRNA Starting 2016

    Most applicants are applying with ICU experience. They accept a lot of students meaning more than most other schools. If you have ICU experience and a decent resume' you have a good chance to get in, but the program is very difficult so make sure you're prepared to bust your hump. This program contains more sciences than most other programs because you'll recieve a Master's in Anesthesiology as opposed to a Master's in Nursing. I've spoken with current students that state they wish they would have pursued another program for the previously stated reason, as well as other reasons. With that said, if you complete the program you will be prepared to practice.
  16. MatyIce

    Boston-area and GRE

    Magoosh worked great for many friends of mine and myself. It's all online. Used it for a few months and took it. It's not that bad. Don't know anything about those schools, though. Good luck.