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Hi everyone; I am currently a forth year undergraduate student in psychology. Recently I fell in love with nursing and want to get my BSN. I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and how they went about getting a BSN. I currently live in brooklyn new york and would appreciate help from someone in the area. Any suggestion and price quotes would be really helpful. I would to do an accelerated program and would like to know how the program is set up. Please help. And I would like to stay in NYC. Thank you.


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In the same boat. graduating with a usless ba in sociology in december and is serioursly thinking about getting back into health care. good luck. brooklyn huh. grew up going to coney island!good luck

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Definitely look into accelerated programs, or graduate level entry programs! If you want your BSN, there are programs that can have you finish it within a year and a half full time. I would research these programs that you are interested in and take the pre-reqs this year so you can apply. Usually they include: physiology, anatomy, microbiology, stats, human development, and sometimes pharmacology. Good luck!!


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I did it! Health Psych BA and now I'm a practicing nurse post BSN!

Many of my ABSN classmates were previous psychology majors- I think that's a really great complement to nursing.

I would look in to SUNY Downstate- I am pretty sure they have a second degree program and from what I understand, the other ABSNs in NYC are $$$$$$. (I think SUNY Binghampton also has an ABSN maybe? Worth temporarily relocating to get state tuition if you can) The market in NYC is tight so since you want to stay there I would find the cheapest way to do the BSN. And I think NYC is one of the areas that preferences BSNs over ADNs and diploma grads heavily.

Check out the NY board for specifics on how things are in that area. Look at schools to see what their prerequisites are.


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For our local ABSN programs you had to have your prereq's done before you started and most before you applied. I have a BS in engineering, did a year of law school and almost finished an MSW before life interupted. I never needed A&P or micro for any of that so back to the local JC I go. I would look for a program and then make some of your remaining elective selections based on their requirements if possible.

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I did it too! I have a BA in psych which I worked in for 6 yrs before returning for a nursing degree. It has served me well too. I'm a mental health facilities dream RN applicant! They love that I am as familiar with the DSM dx as with the med dx.


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I did it! I got a BA in psych and my senior year I decided I wanted to do nursing. I ended up completing my BSN in an accelerated program at the University of Rochester (NY). I am really happy I did it. I am now working in a psychiatric unit. If you want to do psych, a lot of psych units should love that you have a background in it! Good luck to you. :)

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In the same boat. graduating with a usless ba in sociology in december and is serioursly thinking about getting back into health care. good luck. brooklyn huh. grew up going to coney island!good luck

hahah...i graduated with a BA in Sociology in '08, couldnt find a job & loved medicine so i got my necessary pre-req's that i didnt already have (chem & micro) and here i am about to graduate in may with my BSN! its entirely possible :):heartbeat


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I learned in a hard way that doing nursing ed in stepwise fashion is costly and takes way way way way way too much time. Since you are going to have BA in PSY, why not go all the way and do accelerated program to be ARNP? I haven't look into it recently, but before they changed the thing, so...I guess they aren't doing that anymore. A few years ago, you could be ARNP in 3 years with prior BSN. My friend did it and she's ARNP, I am still working on ICU experience :D

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There are more entry level generalist MSN programs around that are intended for those who already posess another BA/BS. Take a look at those too.