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  1. chulada77

    Teacher to nurse? Questions from a military spouse

    I am a military spouse for the past 11yrs and went from working in the courts to becoming a nurse. I made the change solely for my family and to make it easier with the constant relocating/PCSing. In my past profession I would go to interviews and they would always want to know why my history was erractic but as a nurse my employers don't care. I also don't struggle to get jobs like I did before. AND there is benefits to working 3 days a week vs. 5 days. I am working nights which allows me to be home when the kids get home from school and to cook em dinner.
  2. chulada77

    night workers- how do you keep a normal routine/life?

    What works for me: If I work nights and they are not clustered(in a row) then I come home and sleep for about 4hrs. It is a functionable amount of time and I am still able to sleep in the evening with my family. If I work clustered nights then I sleep for about 6 hrs and then take a 30min nap before I go to work in the evening. I personally struggle more with clustered days because I feel like I sleep my day away. I don't mind the nights but I loath working weekends:) Oh yeah, exercising is done right after I wake up. I sleep less than most because my kids get out of school at 2:30 so I make sure I'm always there for that.
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Arizona!! It is a very laid-back atmosphere and a great place to work and live. I am constantly trying to move back there (and no I am not originally from there but I just love it). Az is convienently located and you can drive to California or Vegas in no time.
  4. chulada77

    Have a job @ HealthSouth on Union- any advice?

    Goodness NO! I didn't have to take a test and I would've been surprised if that would have happened! Really I was asked "normal" interview questions. for example: -Explain a time when you have witnessed a code(I focused on the different duties of each nurse in the room, etc). -Tell me a time when you have dealt with a difficult family member or patient. -What are your best and worst qualities? There were also questions about how you personally handle stress and prioritize tasks. Don't worry about the interview just take your fabulous personality with you and do NOT act like a new grad! Pretend you know what your talking about and your confiidence will shine through. No worries Girlie!!
  5. chulada77

    Have a job @ HealthSouth on Union- any advice?

    I'm not at your same Healthsouth facility but I do work at one. At our facility the fulltime staff work every other weekend and it seems like Holidays are a rotation/seniority type thing. I haven't complained about it because my goal is to get a 1-2yrs experience so that I am marketable elsewhere. Overall, I like it. We work hard but they are reasonable and they have great benefits/pay especially if you work extra shifts.
  6. chulada77

    What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    I used to work in the law enforcement field and to me "ICE" is "immigration customs enforcement". This is a federal entity.
  7. chulada77

    working at prison

    It seems like at every facility, prison or not, there are things that staff are not supposed to do but you still see them doing it. For example, I work nights and see people falling asleep ALL the time which I know should be immediate termination. I, personally, will never go against what I know is the right thing to do perhaps because I don't think I'm as lucky as the other rule-breakers but also I wouldn't want to put my career in jeopardy.
  8. chulada77

    what should i do?

    I agree with applying to LPN programs and then do a bridge to RN. OR...you can retake some classes that may help your gpa. Of course you can only retake some of the pre-req classes like: A&P, pharm, etc. Stay with it though especially if you feel strongly about being a nurse!!
  9. chulada77

    I need a job!! ANY job!

    Try to get your foot in the door at a nursing home or long term acute hospital setting. They are usually more open to hiring new grads and many places tell you that you must pass the nclex within some days of hire(usually 60-90days). Look at non-profit organizations or any place that would see you and your future RN potential and want to capitalize on it. I personally have never had a problem getting jobs but I apply and look for openings in non-conventional places. For example, the jails and prisons are always hiring even though it may just be data entry. Also, non-profits many times have higher turnover rates due to their inability to pay staff high wages/lesser benefits. Be creative!!
  10. chulada77

    Lvn or Rn any suggetions?

    I move from state to state rather often and have noticed that LVN vs RN preference depends upon the area. The last state that I lived in definitely preferred RNs whereas my current city seems to be LVN friendly. The positive to being a LVN first is that you'll have an easier time in the job market as an RN since you'll have work experience. Another thing you should think about, many hospitals and facilities have education benefits thus you'd be able to work as a LVN, get paid and the hospital/facility would be paying for any RN classes you take while employed. You'd be able to avoid any loans or financial strain then:yeah:
  11. chulada77

    confirmation of application for lone star?

    In years past they don't give you a confirmation that your application is received and complete which really stinks because you worry that it got lost or you didn't include all the necessary documents. The year that I receive my acceptance letter I got it the first week of April. The letter will include whether you are an alternate or not too.
  12. chulada77

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    Clearly this is totally different because an 11.27 is LOW! The score is suppose to be a rough estimate of the success in the program. Hope that's not the case. Of course in a program that accepts 100ish students app. 15-20 students aren't around at semester 3. REality..
  13. chulada77

    Lone Star Spring 2011

    If the cutoffs are as low as 11.27 than of course you should be fine with B's as long as you can max out other areas. Of course a score of 11.27 might make you an alternate into the program which is not a good feeling.
  14. chulada77

    HESI Entrance Exam??

    Totally agree with Belli about the conversions, ratios, etc. All nursing type tests are "no go back" format (usually) and the Hesi is also like that. I focused alot on the math section but do NOT undermine the difficult of the reading section. There was a part about drawing conclusions which everyone things "so simple" but don't be fooled by it. I recommend getting the HESI entrance study guide book. Worked for me.
  15. chulada77

    New Grad-Interview. What should I ask/look for?

    "Pay your dues"?! Nobody should have to pay their dues, this is nursing!! If a person can do the job it shouldn't matter what they've had to go through to get there. Obviously he/she is worthy of the position if the facility is willing to hire em. This attitude is the reason that so many new grads leave positions prematurely; experienced nurses should be setting good, positive examples to new grads not an attitude of "pay your dues"!