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  1. Starting FNP Program, HELP!

    When you feel discouraged is when you need to dig your heels in and put all your TRY into the task. If you have to walk away from the schooling/class/job then you will always know that you gave max effort and did your best. Most of the time we aren t...
  2. Stop- are you kidding?! YES it is essential to see the patient in pre op….safety safety safety. Your facility will not pass any type of inspection if you start cutting the big safety corners. I could give you 100 examples and reasons why but I ll sto...
  3. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    It’s difficult to negotiate pay after a contract is already initiated and when the NP market is so saturated. The RN market for cath lab just seems more secure and flexible .
  4. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    I m currently working my first year as FNP doing GI rounds. I see approximately 30-40 follow up inpatients daily and then new Consults. 8-5 Mon-Fri and every other vs every 3rd weekend rounding too(12 days straight is a norm for me). Overtime is a no...
  5. Can RN lose license for fighting outside of work?

    You could get reprimanded etc but that is more likely if its a felony assault charge. A simple assault, misdemeanor charge will probably result in a hand-slap. Of course your history/priors etc will come into play.
  6. As an NP student, how many clinical rotation hours do you do weekly?

    Well I see "NP" in your title so I guess that you are including yourself in the "unsafe" category. So negative.
  7. Nursing Students COVID-19

    It’s not only a horrible idea but not fair for a new grad(not even a “true “ grad) to know how to deal with this level of chaos. As an experienced nurse we come w tricks of the trade, insight and our past experience to get us thru crisis esp when our...
  8. Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I m refusing to be absorbed into the hospital (from a surgery center) . I ll let them fire me-don’t care. They didn’t want to tell us who is suspected covid and said we are not allowed to wear even regular masks unless we are right at bedside with a ...
  9. First NP Job

    Regardless of your newness or any other circumstantial factors, it is unacceptable to ever be demeaned or treated unprofessionally. i d quit but I d surely not leave without having VERY strong words with the MD.
  10. Houston Baptist University FNP

    So I imagine it’s based on a ranking system thus you want to be as competitive as possible. Me personally, I have dual bachelors from UNiversity of Texas and University of Colorado. My thinking was they want someone that will complete and has shown s...
  11. RN pay in Houston, TX

    So ASNs in the hospitals in Houston are not Rare at all! People don’t even know who’s the asn vs bsn , I am a BSN and have worked in 2 major hospital systems . Both hospitals were loaded w a mix of asn and bsn BUT new grads are a rough-go so take wha...
  12. Houston Baptist University FNP

    There are some semesters that I ve had to really “cram”, namely Advanced Pharm, but for the most part I spend a block amount time daily dedicated to school and it has been enough. I personally get burned out quicker when classes are in longer blocks ...
  13. Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    I think it depends on the policy and aura of your hospital . I worked at a county hospital and pigtails would have been totally acceptable; some of the other hospitals might think differently but I say Rock It and do it classy!!
  14. New Nurse Precepting a New Grad Nurse

    Tell your new grad nurse what you wish someone had shown or told you.
  15. Quitting CNA job on a work day?

    Sounds odd that a “state healthcare registry” would keep track and report you quitting. In the state of Texas HR can only yes or no that you were employed somewhere but not about what they thought of you or your performance. I m highly doubtful of th...