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  1. chulada77

    First NP Job

    Regardless of your newness or any other circumstantial factors, it is unacceptable to ever be demeaned or treated unprofessionally. i d quit but I d surely not leave without having VERY strong words with the MD.
  2. chulada77

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    So I imagine it’s based on a ranking system thus you want to be as competitive as possible. Me personally, I have dual bachelors from UNiversity of Texas and University of Colorado. My thinking was they want someone that will complete and has shown success. Shine as bright as you can-that’s the name of the game!!
  3. chulada77

    RN pay in Houston, TX

    So ASNs in the hospitals in Houston are not Rare at all! People don’t even know who’s the asn vs bsn , I am a BSN and have worked in 2 major hospital systems . Both hospitals were loaded w a mix of asn and bsn BUT new grads are a rough-go so take what you can get even if it means an undesired floor/area. Get your year of experience and transfer internally. Good Luck!!
  4. chulada77

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    There are some semesters that I ve had to really “cram”, namely Advanced Pharm, but for the most part I spend a block amount time daily dedicated to school and it has been enough. I personally get burned out quicker when classes are in longer blocks so this works fabulously for me. I also have retained info similarly as if I was in a regular semester course.
  5. chulada77

    Black woman wearing puff pigtails to work

    I think it depends on the policy and aura of your hospital . I worked at a county hospital and pigtails would have been totally acceptable; some of the other hospitals might think differently but I say Rock It and do it classy!!
  6. chulada77

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    Yes and No Catie, they do have a list of facilities that have taken their students before and have current agreements with. If you want something particular then you can find a preceptor, which is what I did. I wanted someone close to my house and a clinic that had extended hours so I could accommodate myself when things get busy.
  7. chulada77

    GPA for NP School

    It absolutely depends on several variables. I have 2 bachelors degrees with a 3.78 in my BA and a 3.4 in my BSN. Normally I would not have been confident about my BSN gpa but I have a fabulous work history(resume was required in applications) and my educational history shows I complete programs successfully. I also do volunteer ER response for a church in my area. My point: there's other ways, not just your gpa , to make yourself a strong candidate for NP school.
  8. chulada77

    Stop the preceptor madness!

    Myoglobin, you need some Dave Ramsey in your life!! Holy Moly!
  9. chulada77

    Real vs fake chest pain

    As an agency nurse that fluctuates units I tend to get TONS (up to 10) reported Chest pain cases during the first day of my rotation. The inmates know what s/s to say they are experiencing. I tend to go cellside and do an observation/assessment and go from there. Many of them want a conversation by a new face. Of course I work in a facility right now that is a 24 hour lockdown, one nurse, no provider, and up until now the nurse has been male or elderly. A person experiencing a true MI or cardiac emergency are fairly easy to spot. Diaphoretic, vitals abnormal, demeanor off, EKG abnormality, guarding, etc. Usually I have a baseline EKG for comparison so that helps too. If you are familiar with your patient it helps as you can tell if they are in distress and not their "normal" selves.
  10. chulada77

    texas prisons

    As an agency nurse, working for UTMB in the prisons is far worse than any inmate or unit! Estelle unit is definitely a fast pace and the other nurses like to see "what you're made of" and all the units are understaffed and have very few RNs due to cost. There are some fabulous nurse managers but several are horrid. Good luck....
  11. chulada77

    can someone help with my care plan??

    I had always learned in n. school that if you did not have 3 pieces of evidence to support the nursing dx then you shouldn't use it in your care plan. With the info that you've given many of the listed dx shouldn't be used. Your breathing dxs (ineffective tissue perfusion, airway clearance, etc) are going to be your priorities and you should be searching through this patient's file/lab results, etc to find more evidence. When a pt has respirations of 30 and a medical dx of lung cancer the nutrition and anxiety nursing dx, although important, are a HUGE 2nd to the obvious problem. PS. Acute pain is always always a priority.
  12. chulada77

    Corrections and wearing skirts

    I work in a male prison and I prefer to double layer especially the shirt just out of feeling more protected (stupid, I know). I almost always wear dark colors but sometimes when all I have clean is white scrubs, I'll wear them and I hear about it all day long, so I really try to always stick to the darks. As for skirts...........heck NO!! We have rapists, murderers, etc in the facility and they literally tell us "I got nothing but time and nothing to loss". I don't fill out my scrubs either so that keeps the staring at bay.
  13. chulada77

    hep c positive patient needlestick

    Obviously your risk is low, luckily. But my stomach still did a turn for you!!
  14. chulada77

    Department of Corrections Nurse

    3 nurses with 3000 inmates is not horrible depending upon your population; it you are working at a facility that tends to get your general pop then it may be ok esp. if the institute has some protocol about how i/m are using sick call, etc. I work in a facility that has all the chronic sick, dialysis, cancer, infectious diseases, HIV, seizure, insulin dependant inmates so our ratio nurse/inmate is higher. The inmates that are general pop don't really seem to come to medical, it's our "frequent flyer" inmates that make the need for medical staff higher.
  15. chulada77

    How to determine dehydration

    I second this answer!
  16. chulada77

    any previous bachelor's degree ASN/ADN students?

    I'm sure my prior bachelors had some baring on my admission into school; it definitely shows that a person has the ability and committment to finish the degree. BUT, I definitely agree that my prior degree helped me get jobs. It seems like employers didn't view me as a "new grad" because I had a resume full of past professional jobs. As for the "scuttlebut" about everyone getting BSNs, there's scuttlebut about phasing out LPNs too. Neither of these scenarios will ever happen and if it does, many jobs say "Bachelors degree necessary or preferred" which I have, it's just not in nursing.

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