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chulada77 has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, APRN.

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  1. Can we talk about "fashion" scrubs vs "scrubby" scrubs?

    Even when I rounded for acute patients, as a NP, my need for functional pockets is low. I need a pen, stethoscope and my iPad to do orders. I don’t need flushes and syringes etc that I carried as a RN. I wear fashion scrubs now, one back pocket and m...
  2. GI NP

    I rounded in the hospital on 30 patients, did new ER consults, bedside PEG declotting or placement confirmations. Determined endoscopy needs and booked ORs for it. Orders for scans, meds, other consultation referrals if needed…basically whatever . Or...
  3. APRN in scrubs?

    I wear scrubs and my counterpart wears business casual. I get a little more dirty than she does as I m good with suturing etc so I can see how our styles of practicing dictate our attire.
  4. Can an FNP work in hospital in Texas?

    I worked specialty as an FNP in the hospital but all Hospitalist type NPs were AGNP. But answer is yes you can but in certain areas only
  5. New nurse practitioner here Please help

    When a patient such as a new insulin patient is scheduled and you are feeling unprepared or uncomfortable then say something to your coworkers, ask for a second set of eyes during the appt. I did it all the time, if I had a patient I was unsure about...
  6. GI NP

    I worked GI as an NP for the past year doing acute hospital rounds. I actually learned a ton and enjoyed the liver and pancreas patients. I didn’t leave GI because of the specialty as I m rather fond of it but moreso because I was working hellacious ...
  7. Starting FNP Program, HELP!

    When you feel discouraged is when you need to dig your heels in and put all your TRY into the task. If you have to walk away from the schooling/class/job then you will always know that you gave max effort and did your best. Most of the time we aren t...
  8. Is seeing a pt in Preop really a must for OR nurses??

    Stop- are you kidding?! YES it is essential to see the patient in pre op….safety safety safety. Your facility will not pass any type of inspection if you start cutting the big safety corners. I could give you 100 examples and reasons why but I ll sto...
  9. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    I can’t foresee continuing to be an NP and Loathing the work this much. I usually give myself 6months to stabilize at a job before determining “like” or “dislike” -7months at this and although I m a fast as heck, itS not conducive to life.
  10. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    I think getting away practitioning all together is my wisest option
  11. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    9hr days, 30 + patients and Also incoming new consults due to Emergency call
  12. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

  13. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    It’s difficult to negotiate pay after a contract is already initiated and when the NP market is so saturated. The RN market for cath lab just seems more secure and flexible .
  14. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    So I am running my tail off, 10 min lunch, 10k steps daily...I was never told how many patients daily and my docs rotate every Monday so some are more helpful then others w consults and follow ups. I have told them I am worn, so I m getting 2x 1/2 da...
  15. Continue as FNP or train in Cath lab?

    I'm currently working my first year as FNP doing GI rounds. I see approximately 30-40 follow up inpatients daily and then new Consults. 8-5 Mon-Fri and every other vs every 3rd weekend rounding too (12 days straight is a norm for me). Overtime is a n...