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Took it earlier this week and had a 97% with that being said any of you ever take this and was it accurate for you when you actually took NCLEX?

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I took it and got a 99%. When I took the NCLEX, I passed in 75 questions, so I think it was predictive for me. I didn't study much (about 10 hours) between the two exams. Good Luck!


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What's ATI? Dumb question I know

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ATI is a testing company that gives the TEAS test that some schools use for entry into their nursing programs. They also have exams for the main curricular areas covered in nursing school, as well as the ATI Predictor which is supposed to indicate how the taker will do on the NCLEX. That is the test we are talking about above. Our school required us to take the ATI exam each quarter, so we had to purchase the package that included the ATI books and testing program.


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I also got a 97% on the ATI predictor. Our school did ATI (everything) and they also had us register for the Virtual ATI program to prepare for NCLEX after we graduated in May. So far 8 students who've taken the NCLEX has passed on the 1st try (15 of us are still waiting to test, or still working on the VATI since we opted to start later). The feedback I've gotten from my peers have basically said that the NCLEX isn't as difficult compared to the intensity of preparing with VATI, but also that the predictor exam is only partially comparable to the actual NCLEX-most of them had a significant amount of delegation, more than we did on our predictor. From what I understand the formatting of the questions is practically identical, but the content on the exit exam and what you will actually be tested on during NCLEX will obviously vary for each person, so any areas of weakness should be focused on. I'm still doing the virtual myself, and already being 1/2 way done I feel more confident to take the NCLEX-mostly because my weakness has always been just being a poor test taker (2nd guessing my answers, changing the right answer to something wrong! gah!) but with all the assessments, and the way they break down the content has made me kick that habit!

Hope the info help! Best wishes on your pursuit.


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Thanks for the feedback. I have my last final tomorrow - I already paid the BON but not Pearson I am waiting to see how I do on my final this last semester had been rough for me I'm going into my final with a 84 - basically need a 70 on my final to pass. So if I pass (sure I will) then I'll be Paying Pearson and hopefully get to test before the end of August. I'm using Saunders NCLEX PN I don't have the vati but have the stuff we had to purchase in for class. Honestly I didn't try very hard for the mock NCLEX I was up sick for 18 hours before I went in to take it. (even forewarned my instructor) I was surprised with my 97 apparently I know more than I give myself credit for(I'm

Not the best test taker either)


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I am doint the virtual ATI too. Is it really helpful for the nclex.


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my ATI predictor gave me a 99% first time pass rate. my NCLEX shut off at 75 questions. we used ATI in school and their live review. my school also had us do Kaplan review so I do not know which one prepared me for the

I found ATI to be comparable to the NCLEX and Kaplan harder.


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Did the ATI virtual tutor helped a lot passed with 75 questions. I also did questions from LaCharity. Get that book helped a lot with priority and delegation questions.


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Hi..I'm new here. I just posted about being worried about NCLEX. My ATI predictor gave me a 48% chance of passing NCLEX!! I'm so worried! I struggled all thru the program and in fact, if they didn't round up my percentage the very last semester, i would have failed! Am I doomed? Please read my post for more info...i'm just so nervous!!!


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I got a 98% and passed with 75, 19 SATA questions.

I know for us, we didn't study for the ATI predictor. So with the proper amount of studying, I believe you can bring up your chances. Our school required a 94%, so if you didn't get it the first time then you had to submit a study plan and retake it the week of graduation. We were given 3 chances, I don't know if anyone needed all 3 nor what would happen if you didn't get 94%.


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So happy that my college used ATI for our testing and preparing for NCLEX. I only studied my ATI books and NCLEX-RN review book and passed on my first attempt.