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I am impressed with you all, wow....a 97% is pretty awesome, you will sail through...Good Luck!


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My program didn't require a certain score for this mock NCLEX they prefer everyone be over 90 bit I know of a few that weren't.


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Ok, so I don't know if you're talking LPN or RN but when I did my ATI for PN I got a 97% chance I would pass so I didn't study or anything actually didnt even take my boards until 3 months after graduating and I still passed my boards...I think it just depends on the person but I feel they are a good predictor. Best of luck!!! Just relax and take your time!

I got a 99% and past with 75 questions my first time. I'd say they helped and were pretty accurate as far as the types of questions. You get the same feeling, the "uhhh...did I just pass that?" and hold your breath until you get the score. You'll walk out of the NCLEX in a panic, convinced you failed it because it made you feel completely and utterly stupid though, lol.


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My school used ATI to help prepare us for the NCLEX too. On my ATI predictor, I got a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX the first time. I took my NCLEX last week on Tuesday afternoon and on Friday morning I woke up as an RN with my active license on the BRN site! So I think that predictor is pretty accurate lol. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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