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ATI Comprehensive Predictor and NCLEX


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I got a 94% on my predictor too and passed the NCLEX with 75 questions in 45 minutes

Congrats!! I pray for the same success for me and everyone getting ready to take the test!!!

Thanks for all of your feedback. I haven't taken the NCLEX yet...still waiting on my ATT. Besides the ATI our school also required that our PN program attend the Rhinehart Review. I also have the exam cram disc which has NCLEX style questions on there. I just wanna make sure I'm on the right track with studying. I don't want to over do it, but at the same time I want to make sure I'm doing enough.

I also had to attend the Rhinehart review and received the same book and exam cram disk......Did Rhinehart allow you access to there online review?.....I just got access today. Seems like it is the same thing that she talked about during the review...

I just graduated LPN school in May, the ATI predictor said I had a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try. It cut off at 85 questions and I passed it! I felt the ATI review stuff really helped prepare me for the NCLEX.

I have access to the online Rhinehart review but I'm not sure how to use the site. I've just been going back over the disc, reading over the book, and reviewing ati. Also to the person that recommended NCLEX 3500 online (NCLEX style questions for free) thanks a lot. I also found NCLEX 3000 PN online and it's also free with NCLEX style questions.


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I personally don't think the predictor was much like the NCLEX. The questions aren't really passing level questions.

I scored a 99% chance of passing, if I remember right, and I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions.

I scored a 86% chance of passing the 1st time, passed the 1st time with 110 questions.


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I went to the live review for ATI nclex-pn a week ago and it was nice. She give us a few test to practice and she said that if we can get a 60% we will pass the nclex..we only get two times for each tests. I been getting a 55% then later I get a high score. I am still working on how to take the question apart. I will get there soon. What I am learning is to look at all the answers and before I make a choose and answer one questions at a time ...


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@jamisaurus is ATI the only resource you used to study??

Yes I only used ATI and NCLEX RN mastery app on my iPad. When I hit on areas I was weak on (I always struggled with kidney disorders) I would study them from books or YouTube videos. You will do great!!


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Yes I only used ATI and NCLEX RN mastery app on my iPad. When I hit on areas I was weak on (I always struggled with kidney disorders) I would study them from books or YouTube videos. You will do great!!

Did you review content with ATI also or you just used it to practice questions?

The ATI predictor is fairly accurate. So, if it said you had a 99% chance of passing on the 1st attempt, it means that if you took the NCLEX on the day you took the predictor, then your chance of passing NCLEX right then and there, with no additional studying, was 99%. So, that should make you feel very confident.

BUT - you should still study. Use whatever method, whatever books or media or course you find most useful. Focus on the areas that you feel weakest in, as well as general core information. You should plan on 4-5 hours a day, for 5-7 days to prepare. (You can take more time if you have the inclination.) If ATI exams help, then do them. If Saunders helps, do that. If you think a structured review, like Hurst (IMOP a good choice if you have time and can afford it) then do that. The main point here is that you are studying to get stronger in your weak areas so that you can go in more confident and relaxed.

DO NOT expect to feel like you aced NCLEX, or that you had any sense of knowing you answered right or wrong... NCLEX takes info that you most likely know, and wraps it in situations you have never ever encountered before. AND the better you are doing, the harder the questions will be, so at a certain point you will probably be getting about every other question wrong. NCLEX is seeking to find your 'level' - it wants to know how well you think - it is only secondarily interested in what you know, and it does not expect you to know everything under the sun. Otherwise no one would pass.

You should come out of NCLEX feeling like you didn't recognize most of what you got asked and very unsure of how you did. But, you'll probably get out in 75-100 questions. Then do the Pearson Vue trick. Approximately 25 hours after you log off of the NCLEX exam your early results (for $7.95 I think) should be available on the Pearson web site. If your state BON is good, then you may see your license almost immediately on the state BON website.

So study but don't over do it. Don't try to review 2 years of nursing school! Just hit your weak areas - for every person that's different. Then, don't stress, breathe deep, focus on each question as it comes, choose your answer and then let it go. Do not tell yourself a story about how you are doing while taking NCLEX. Narrow your focus to the question, select the best answer you can, and then let it go.

Good luck!

I think they are very similar. I had a 92% and passed in 75. ATI was a good program to prepare.


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I myself was not a fan of ATI, but I got a 92% on my comp predictor and passed NCLEX with 95 questions.


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For me I hated the ground ATI was made of...I took the nclex-pn and I was so surprise that it looked like the ATI but I failed it. After school I never look at another ATI book just did what I should to get through school. Now that I am getting ready to retake the test I am looking at this test with different eyes ...ATI only wanted to help it's student they give you the tools to prepare you for this test. I never pick up a ATI book after school...now I know better. I needed all the help I could get to understand...

I just received my ATT!! I am mortified!!!


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Great news I live in Ohio ..I got the eligible to test for a week now but no ATT#..so I wait to schedule...more time to study..Good luck. I can check the BON website in Ohio to watch how things are going..the wait is not bad...

Thanks! I am in Mississppi and graduated on June 20 and we are just starting to here from them today...