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  1. villagegourmet

    LPN to work in Italy/Sicily

    What is the first step in trying to work as a nurse in Italy/Sicily? Do I apply for (dual) citizenship first? I am an LPN and I am sure there is a spot for us! I do not speak Italian although I am Sicilian, born and raised in New York. Any answers on this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. villagegourmet

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor and NCLEX

    ATI definitely prepared me for the exam. With your 99% you will do very well. Practice as much as you can daily with breaks and you will pass, no problem. God bless
  3. villagegourmet

    Hurst online review anyone???

    I certainly learned a lot from Hurst because you can repeat any sections which you did not retain the first time. Also on hurst, you have three 125 question test to take which will show the correct answer when you are done. Learn from your mistakes. I also did Saunders online for the "select all that apply" questions because I had quite a few of this type on my NCLEX-PN exam. I also choose to see the rationals to see my mistakes and learn from it. Some mistakes may just be reading incorrectly, so read the question and answer slowly. We did a lot of ATI in school which helped tons. I suggest choose one of these per day and spend at least 3-4 hours daily, if not more, take breaks and hydrate. This is one of the most important tests you will take so make it a successful one. God bless
  4. villagegourmet

    Never give up

    I did one of my three resources daily for about 3-4 hours each day (take breaks). I exercised, hydrated and consumed a proper diet. My three resources are Saunders online because of its instant rationals and fellow students said they had a few "select all that apply" questions. Hurst review videos and 3-125 question exams where you will see rationals. ATI has may avenues for all practice questions and videos. This is one of your biggest exams to take so please dedicate your time and you will have great results! Good luck to all!
  5. villagegourmet

    Recently passed NCLEX

    I recently passed my NCLEX-PN and completed my first professional week as a licensed LPN within a great organization. Most advise you to go work in a hospital to gain experience, which is true, but the pay may be low, work may be overloaded and overwhelming. I accepted a position within a SNF, skilled nursing facility where you will continue to do your skills, such as trach care, catherizations, etc. The pay is full scale with great benefits and I work an 8 hour shift. For me, 8 hours initially is fine so I may not feel exhausted, gradually increase my stamina and have time for other activities in my life. I also accepted 2nd shift where residents usually retire to bed around 8PM and now I can concentrate on my skills of documentation and their computer system. I wish everyone the very best in your hard earned new career.
  6. villagegourmet

    June 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Our Traveling Nurses application has been approved!
  7. villagegourmet

    I will pass the NCLEX on June 4th!

    May god bless all the past, present and future Nurses out there who have paved the way for the new ones! I will also pass my NCLEX June 4, 2014 and I appreciate all who have helped me through my journey! Just think safety, airway and bleeding! Thanks!
  8. villagegourmet

    Never give up

    Thank you for the encouragement! I take my test in 9 days and I am studying but nervous! Congrats!
  9. villagegourmet

    Working in Italy

    Hi, I am an LPN in Florida and very interested in working in Italy or Sicily. Would you recommend working abroad and is it better to travel in pairs? I am not sure which institution to contact without knowing which is reputable. I have read up on this topic and would like to hear current experiences. Are there other countries in need of nurses? I understand lack of the local language is not a major issue, but not sure on the housing situation. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!