My school has started us on a program called ATI, or Assessment Technologies Institute. I've done pretty well on all of my tests throughout school and they are all NCLEX style questions. They've recently given us this ATI program and said that the style is just like NCLEX and that it will give us the best idea of how we will do on NCLEX after we graduate. I'm doing horribly with this new program. The last test I took, I was told I had a 38% chance of passing the NCLEX. I am NOT a bad student. I get mostly B's with a few C's in my harder classes and a few A's in the easier ones.

Has anyone heard of ATI and is it really the best? Because if it is... I'm thinking I've been wasting my time :o


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Was it course specific (Peds, Med/Surg, Pharm, etc.) or was it one of the comprehensive ones?

I, too, had ATI tests throughout nursing school. We could not pass the course until we met certain scores on the ATI exams at the end of each semester. I never, ever had to re-take an ATI until my very last semester... and it was the comprehensive. We had to acheive a 95% chance of passing the NCLEX on our first try before we could graduate. I got a 94% and had to take the ATI again. I got a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try the second time I took the ATI... but failed. So, it's not the greatest indicator.

I know that ATI has an actual NCLEX prep program (not just the tests and books that you get throughout your nursing program) but have not heard if it is helpful or not. For that much money you can do Kaplan, and many people pass with Kaplan...

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My school makes us take these exams as well, we have to get at least a level 1 or else our grade for the class will be changed to an F; even if we are getting an A in the class. I am in my last semester, we have three more ATIs to take before I graduate (Med/Surg, Leadership and Management, and the Comprehensive exam) and I have gotten a level 2 or 3 on all of my exams. I read the texts and watch the DVDs, and take the practice exams and this has seemed to work out just fine for me.


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My NCLEX is scheduled for 2/23 this month. I bought the Saunders book during school even though we used the ATI system. When I do bank questions online (non ATI sites) and bank questions in my Saunders review cd, I do really well - Upwards of 80's. When I do the online ATI practice tests I get only 60's. So I guess we will see Monday if I should have studied just the ATI series.

To tell you the truth, I am going to stop using the ATI because each and every time I take an online assessment I feel disheartened. Especially after studying a couple of hours a day per the schedule I set up.

Anyway, I wish you luck.


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I'm not sure if its the same test, but we took the ATI exam at the end of our program as an nclex predictor. Then i took kaplan once i graduated. one of the Kaplan instructors told me that ATI is not a good indicator, because its very knowledge based. I think kaplan has the most similar nclex questions as far as degree of difficulty.


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Do not let assessment tests discourage you. Study for them and put in effort to the extent that passing these exams is necessary to graduate from your program. Then prepare for the NCLEX in the manner that you think will be best for you.


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I feel the same way. The ATI seems to be really knowledge based and lots of hardcore information that would be great for while you are still in school. However, as for studying for the NCLEX, I believe that ATI is useful to gain information about topic but not the best for test taking tips or strategies. So with my experience with it, use the ATI to learn those areas where you need help and other test for strategies


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Thank you all!


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ATI exams always made my grade lower. I did not like it. Personally, I think Kaplan is more helpful with the Nclex, not ATI.


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My school required us to pass the ATI as our exit exam. In my opinion, it didn't help me at all in passing the NCLEXRN. I failed and so I am considering to take Kaplan to prepare for the board exam.


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same here. my school required us to pass ATI, otherwise we cant move on to the next semester. I liked the practice test, they helped me a lot. I suggest that you go over to your weakness.

I cant tell any difference yet, between the ATI and Nclex. Im scheduled to take the nclex on April.


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Our school had the same brilliant idea, pass the ATI with a certain percentage or graduate (we would love to receive you tuition all over again! :bugeyes: ) We all thought it was ridiculous.

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