Aternoon Nclex??????


Hi guys,

just curios, has any one taking the NCLEX-RN in the AFTERNOON in california or any other state?.............................

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Should image many have taken the exam in an afternoon :), best thing is not to get the books out the day before and especially that morning.


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Yep, I took mine at 1400 on June 11, 2008. Had to drive 2 hours to get there so I left at like 0930 in the morning so I could get lost (if it came to that) and not panick. I ended up getting to the testing center at noon and sat in the parking lot reading a book until time to go in. I think that reading a fiction book prior to going in was the best thing I did that day, because it allowed me to relax a little and non stress. I had taken some school books to study with but found myself feeling that panicky feeling starting to rise in my chest, so I put it down and picked up the fantasy fiction one.

Anyhoo, I bet the test wasn't any different than the one they gave at 0800:D

Good luck

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Classmate of mine has hers scheduled for 3pm

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It is given at different times all over the world, there is not just am times for scheduling.

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I had mine scheduled for 2pm. although, i got to the test center at 1230 and they got me in right away - didn't have to wait until 2:)


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Have a 2:00 test date here in Michigan. Was only AM appointments for the whole month of July then I happened to check one day and an afternoon appt opened up for the testing center closest to my house.

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