Associates or Bach.

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So I am going to my local community college and I first have to finish my general courses until I start my perquisites. I am trying to plan out my entire year(s) schedule to get into the nursing program. Then I noticed that I would be credits short (to live on campus you have to have 12 credits) I decided to mix in my college's bachelors nursing program prerequisite. That's when I came to realize why am I getting my associates? When in order to live in the dorms I am adding bachelors prerequisite? Should I just go ahead transfer to a University and get my bachelors?

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just curious.. what is consider bachelors nursing prereqs in your neck of the woods? and to answer your question it all depends on your living and financial situation. However, if you are living on campus more then likely you don't have kids or your married. I would just go for the bachelors, because i don't know how your school works but for mine...lets say i apply for my local community college nursing program although i have ap 1and 2, chem, nutrition, microbio, developmental psych (pre reqs for most colleges) i still have to do 2 full years at the community college. They have 4 nursing classes and only one can be taken a semester. It took me a year to do those particular pre reqs then 2 years added on..thats three years. Might as well get a bachelors!!

Is this your first time in school? If it is, you should go for your Bachelor's in Nursing, especially if you need the credits for housing. If you have other housing options and want to complete your degree faster, than go for your Associates. It looks as though a Bachelor's would be worth it to you, especially if you are taking credits towards it. I would just go for it if I were you. Good luck!

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Probably literally 100 threads on this very topic. Some fabulous input if you take the time to search out some of those threads!

I am going the ASN route and I have a prior degree. The reason for this is because it is cheaper upfront and you can find an employer that will pay for your bachelor's degree. Really a no brainer from my perspective.

First time going to school. No kids, not married, but have a boyfriend who is really supportive. I am 19 took a year off to travel.

✓BIO 111 General College Biology with Lab

✓BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab

✓BIO 202 Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab THESE ARE FOR ASSOCIATES

✓BIO 204 Microbiology

✓PSY 235 Human Growth & Development

✓Social or behavioral science elective

✓ENG 122 English composition II

✓MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics (3) THESE ARE FOR BACHELORS

✓BIO 216 Pathophysiology

Advised electives Nursing Science - Chemistry, Communication, Business, Economics or finance elective

✓History Elective


Spring 2017

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  2. NUA 170- Nurse Aide Clinical Experience (1) GETTING CNA ADDS POINTS INTO NURSING PROGRAM
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  4. ENG 122- English Composition 2 (3)
  5. BIO 111- General Biology with lab (5)


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1. BIO 201- Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (4)

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  2. PSY 235- Human Growth & Development (3)
  3. MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics (3)
  4. SOC 101- Intro to Sociology I (3)


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  2. SOC 101- Intro to Sociology I (3)
  3. HIS-121- History Reconstruction (3)
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I know there are many threads of this discussion, but its usually for people who can't decided between two or four years. Mine is about if I have to add bachelors perquisites might as well get that. Also how old were you guys when you finished your degrees?

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Also how old were you guys when you finished your degrees?
You'll find that the majority of nurses were/are 'older' nontraditional students when they completed their degrees.

I was 24 when I graduated from an LVN program, 29 when I completed the ASN degree, 34 when I completed the BSN degree, and I'll be 36 when I earn the MSN.

ok, i see..... your young!i would just go for the bachelors : )

I finished my Associates AND Bach at age 20! I turn 21 next week. ;)

I took all my pre-reqs at a community college, did an associates nursing program at a community college and concurrently got my BSN online at a university. I took the cheap route. :) Spent about 14k altogether! Payed out of pocket, worked during school and more during school breaks.