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    Associates or Bach.

    Don't limit yourself-go for the BSN.

    NCLEX Success With UWORLD

    I've never posted anything, but I stalked this site so much prior to taking the NCLEX that I feel that it is only right that I share the knowledge. I graduated from an accelerated MSN (2nd degree) nursing program in May. There was a delay in VA graduates receiving their ATT, so I studied a lot longer than I planned to initially. I did the Evolve/Elsevier adaptive quizzing that came with my school's Hesi package for 3 weeks. This was somewhat helpful, but I did not feel confident enough to take to the NCLEX. Someone told me about Uworld and it was the best study decision that I made. I did Uworld for 5 weeks- I finished all of the questions and ended up going back and doing a few hundred of the questions over that I missed. I passed the NCLEX with only 75 questions and I honestly don't know if I would have without Uworld. I walked out of the NCLEX thinking "what was the big fuss about?" I was well prepared and killed it with confidence. Stop stressing and use Uworld. In addition to Uworld, I did complete a couple of chapters in Lacharity Prioritization and Delegation. Uworld contains a lot of priority questions, so I wouldn't stress buying other materials. Good Luck!

    Nclex attempt 4 -6/27/16 Need Advice

    It only takes 48 hours to find out in VA if you passed...a couple of my friends took it last month.

    Current CHOA RNs

    I will be graduating in May '16 and CHOA is my top choice. Does anyone have any idea how much new grads make? I will be moving from Virginia and am not familiar with salary ranges in Atlanta. Thanks!

    2015 Johns Hopkins hospital new grad interview

    Does anyone know the salary for new nurses?

    Advice for 2014 UVA hopeful!!

    Hey guys, I'm in too! I can't wait to meet everyone and I think the Facebook page sounds great ! Congrats everyone

    The Reason I Became a Nurse

    This article brought tears to my eyes. This is an amazing story and I think you should go to schools and shelters to tell your story. Maybe you can encourage others to follow your path.

    Advice for 2014 UVA hopeful!!

    From my understanding, they received around 130 apps and interviewed 80. I understand the feeling, I have felt so much anxiety this past week.

    Advice for 2014 UVA hopeful!!

    Hello fellow potential students! I just wanted to post to say that I am completely consumed with my pending acceptance to UVA. I am sure that you all are experiencing the same anxiety that I am feeling right now. I am trying to focus on finals, but my thoughts keep going to December 21st!
  10. ShayMBA,MSN,RN,CNL

    Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

    Valval1908 I am going to apply to UVA and VCU...they both only accept applicants once a year and the programs start each May. I would definitely prefer Georgetown over those two, however, the good thing about UVA is that it's a MSN program and you have the option of getting licensed as a Clinical Nurse Leader upon graduation. Also their clinicals are one on one opposed to a group setting throughout the program. I really don't want to wait until next May to start nursing school. Are you going to apply to any other schools? I am in Richmond VA and there aren't many options for 2nd degree nursing programs.
  11. ShayMBA,MSN,RN,CNL

    Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

    mokykla At least you heard something...I haven't heard a peep since applying. I am very discouraged at this point. As soon as anyone hears something please let me know!!
  12. ShayMBA,MSN,RN,CNL

    Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

    Valval1908, you should definitely feel encouraged because I was told by Admissions that only the accepted students would be asked to apply for the scholarship. Maybe you will get your acceptance letter and the scholarship offer at the same time. Since I haven't heard anything since applying, I am starting to feel like I won't be selected. I called again last week and was told that decisions would be out by last Friday. Since it is a new week after the holiday, I am pretty confident that we will hear something this week. Good luck!
  13. ShayMBA,MSN,RN,CNL

    Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

    Please someone give me some advice! I was one of the extended deadline applicants (April 1st deadline) and we were supposed to be hearing the results this week, however, I haven't received anything. Did you all receive your acceptance letters via email? I spoke to ***** last week and she said that we would be receiving acceptance letters this week and would have two weeks to apply for the scholarship. I feel like I am going to give myself a stroke worrying so much.