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  1. science pre-reqs to take together??

    Currently, I am in my second year of taking Pre-Nursing classes. Here's my advice, everything is about balance. Take half hard classes and half easy classes every semester. Example: My first year I took biology, Human Growth and Developement, Human N...
  2. Dual Enrollment

    Hey I'm also considering doing the dual enrollment at CU-Colorado Springs. How was it? Is it a lot to handle, easier, faster? Thank doing adn to bachelors?
  3. Associates or Bach.

    First time going to school. No kids, not married, but have a boyfriend who is really supportive. I am 19 took a year off to travel. ✓BIO 111 General College Biology with Lab ✓BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab ✓BIO 202 Anatomy &...
  4. Associates or Bach.

    So I am going to my local community college and I first have to finish my general courses until I start my perquisites. I am trying to plan out my entire year(s) schedule to get into the nursing program. Then I noticed that I would be credits short (...
  5. Out of State

    Has anyone applied to out of state nursing schools? If so did you get in?
  6. Knows nothing about nursing, seeking help

    JESUS CHRIST! You're my twin!!! I also graduated in 2015. I have low GPA and ACT score was one point away from being accepted to a university. So I'm doing community college. What I did was first looked into my area. Is there a CC near me? If so what...
  7. It depends do you have good memory? If so I'd say take it your first semester and if not pair it with basic psychology, which is what I'm doing. You don't want to have any chance messing up your GPA. I always take a "relaxing" class I know I would ge...
  8. You choose my future :O

    Yes, my community college gives you that choice take it during or after you complete general bio. I'm just asking is it a wise thing?
  9. Alternatives if not accepted into a program?

    1. LPN is a good alternative and you'll have experience in the field once you apply. My college adds points to your acceptance if you have more experience in the field 2. I'd say do the 12 month one. The reason the 30K one is more expensive is the fl...
  10. You choose my future :O

    I'm taking my perquisites for nursing school and I was wondering should I take General Biology and Anatomy I together?