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Specializes in LTC.

Very helpful!!!

Thank you, if you dont mind I will post it in Random FACTS, where we have many of them.


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Thank you, if you dont mind I will post it in Random FACTS, where we have many of them.

Sure.. and please let me know if you find some mistake on it.. some infos there I got it here too.. God bless!


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Im taking Nclex I just failed having 205 questions both times any tips Im taking PN

Hi! Wade I wish you will get a chance to comeback here. The only answer is F O C U your content and practice more question.. It is best to make a study plan first.. develop a routine everyday.. stay away from your phone.. and no Facebook just for awhile to avoid any destruction..I remember when I was studying was my only destruction.. hehehe.. but this site been a good help for me. This is just my opinion.. Do whatever works for you anyway. Goodluck and God bless!



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@ Schalke20 thank you so much for the links...

@ Anntweet hi there.. hows your review? im takin mine the first week of nov.,& doin self review, how about you did you enroll or self review??.. your taking yours soon? praying for your success this time.. we can do this.. lets do our part and believe in Him...


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@Schalke thanks for that! How many hours do you do your review in a day? do you often do practice test? thanks!

@pinayme i did not enroll in any review school.. im having self review too. Studying for 5-6 hrs a day.. whew! too bad im doin' it all over again? how about you? how do you do your review? r you always answering practice test? Hope we can make it this time.. Prayin' for our success! Let's do this!!


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@pinayme your welcome...

@ann.. For my 2.5 months of review 10-12hours a day.. self review I started 100items a day.. later 100items in one source and 50 items on another sourse until I progress to 200 items.. then I slowly got back to 100Q a day(last 2weeks)..that is excluding those 30items or more I got from other sources like Saunders Comprehensive which normally I reviewed 2-3chapter a day.. those the interesting one only after reading it I always make sure to answer the free test at the end of the book. To tell you honestly my score was really low. Anyway, since I compile all of my score on my notebook I'm gonna put some of it here.. All in all I guess I only did almost 4000 excluding the book free question, la charity, rn..pedia, and some online I answered.

Saunders 100 items

6/16/11 CONTENT 60%

6/21/ CONTENT 52%

6/24/ Level of Cognitive Ability 62%

625/ Level of Cognitive Ability 64%

6/27/ Client Needs 53%

6/29/ Client Needs 58%

6/29/ Integ Process 60%

7/8/ CONTENT 62%

7/12/ Integ Process 69%

7/19/ Client Needs 62%

8/11/ Alternate Item/SATA 52%

Incredibly Easy CD from my BOOK 100 items

6/22/11 All Content 56%

6/28/ All Content 56%

7/1/ All Content 69% :up:from here I realized to have a break down my strenght and weakness which is

Adult 36/53 =68%

Child 13/18= 72%

Maternal/Neonatal= 11/17 65%

Psychiatric 7/8 =88%

Prof. Issues= 2/4 50%

This was a kind of evaluation from me on which topic should I have to focus more. you will really know it if you have break down or diary of all your daily activity. Mine has a complete date and time started and time end.

7/12/11 All Content 49% ( I think I'm so tired here.. for whatever reason I make a promise here)

Adult 25/51= 49%:down:

Child 13/18 =72% ( this area made me smile)

Mat/Neo 5/19=26%

Psych 5/9 56%

Prof. Issues 1/3 33%

7/13/11 All Content 58%:uhoh3:

Adult 28/53=53%

Child 11/18= 61%

Mat/Neo 8/13=62%

Psych 6/10= 60%

Prof. Issues 5/6 83%

7/17/11 60%

718/11 73%

Adult 36/51=71%

Child 16/17 =94

Mat/Neo 8/17=47%( alarming! thats why I did focus on my review here plus the random facts so not to neglect other areas.

Psych 9/10 90%

Prof Issues 4/5 80%

==I did up to 9 session here==

Then I proceed to Exam Cram which only gives me low 50s to high 60s.. I also break down the first 75question if how much I got from there.. if 100items how much I will get.. so on so forth..

My Kaplan( the free online)was so awful I started to Question Trainer 7=42%, QT1=44%, QT2-61%, QT3=56%, QT4=44%,QT5=52%,QT6=53%..

The uniqueness about my review the more wrongs/failures I had the more absorption/retention's I got because I consider the failed topic as an enemy.. I said to myself the next time I'm gonna see it I will make sure I'm gonna win for the next round. Make a story if possible.. in terms of therapeutic level or lab values try to ask yourself are they relevant to some of your relatives or families birthday.. or whatsoever.. as long as you can remember it and helpful for your learning. Post them on your wall near to your bed or anywhere around you. My poor computer has a lot of post it too even my television because I dont have the reason to open it on my entire review. Now everything is back to normal after I passed the test.

This is just my opinion.. I guess guys it better to make a study plan first.. then if you have it.. develop a routine.. consider it as a fun.. a game..(like me I got 4 colors of,black,green and blue.. I must use each for 25question.. which ever pen got the high score.. I rewarded the pen to answer in my short test using it alone..On my review my book and my pen are my best friend and I treasure it.

I know it works on me.. so what ever works for you just do it..God fellow nurses..

Please put God... your God above all! :saint::saint::saint:


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thanks schalke! wow! this inspires me alot! now i need to be more serious in my studies coz my sked is coming up! Thanks a lot for your strategies and tips! I'll surely inspire others as well.. :) GOD bless you!! :)


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A Filipino local board passer here.

My Nclex RN exam is scheduled next week.

Please pray for me.. :)

I read your delegation info and downloaded it to my phone.

Thank you super!!


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Hello Kinsella! Good luck on your exam! will be praying for you! :)


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Hi kinsella! Good luck on your exam!


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Thank you anntweet! It'll be my first time :)

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