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if you have any tips or strategies can please email them to me...Im going to try again to take the Nclex. Your strategies are so helpful thanks for posting!!

[email protected]


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that is some great info.

Congratulations!!! and good look finding the best job :)

I am taking my test next month, I seriously wish I pass at the first try..though

my prep is not up to the mark yet...

Kudos to you !!


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can i have the link for the lacharity resource? :/ thank you!


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hi there mga kababayans! im a filipina and leaving here in california too.. Can you share your the sites for your reviews? thank you! :)

HI kababayan.. did you pass the exam yet? I'am from Cali also near Fresno.


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Hi there I'm filipina too planning to take Nclex RN by April can you share me with those free online review? Thanks


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Hey guys, sorry I just come back here. I am very glad that this thread has been a good help for some of you. Anyway, for those who are asking about the links and free sites it's on page2 no.14 of this thread and the links included there were LaCharity 1st Ed. just click it and download on your computer. Just focus more on 1.infection control,2.Leadership& Management 3.Medical&Surgical. I highly recommend to master the infection control (my checkin hez tb? mnemonics?) and delegation&prioritization. Print them and post it in your wall or any moment you turn your head you'll gonna see it. More importantly.. Be FOCUS and develop/stick on your ROUTINE! Make a promise to yourself and make a Trade..(ex. giving up browsing your Facebook for the meantime as it hindrances to your review and your new facebook is this site and any NCLEX related sites. Another up your nightlife is a must, don't put your cellphone by your side while you are on your review, NO TV or DVDs or angry birds game/any games except on your unscheduled time. Your priority for now is passing the NCLEX than anything else so embrace it. Above all PRAY and have faith. Trust me everything will be fine. I know sounds spoon feed motivation but some of us needs reminders. :ancong!:in advance and God bless you my fellow RN's:nurse:

On the side note. STAY POSITIVE, DON'T ever allow any single negative engulf you& STAY AWAY from negative people and environment because they're contagious. Yes? Alright!:yeah::yeah::yeah:

For those who ask about study buddy I could be available if you are close to Hayward, California it's in Bay Area. Though, I cannot guarantee to be with you most of the time but at least I'll do my best as I can on our meeting.. It would be in the Library just in case... You can normally see me there anyway self studying Spanish language it would be best if you can go with me too hitting the gym right after study/review.Remember NCLEX is very stressful so exercise is the best answer for it. I could lend my books too just in case you don't have. K! Just message me guys.


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Hi thanks for the info can you send to me the link ?nunseeh @yahoo thanks


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I saw the links thanks dear


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hi i am currently reviewing now for nclex rn can you please send me the link for free donwload of exam cram, kaplan, la charity and nclex-rn 3500?it will be a big help for me thank you so much :-)


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aaw.. you so nice silver dragon.. :) this will be really helpful for my upcoming nclex and my future job.. i'm taking my nclex on the 1st of march.. pray for me please.. :) again, thank you kabayan..


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hi everyone,

i got some stupid questions.

1. Since RN has the responsibility for new admission assessments, does that mean Nursing Assistants can not take Vital Signs in ER patient admission ?

2. After an RN checked the patency, can Nursing Assistants do tube feedings ?


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