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not right now

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Depends on where one lives.  Philadelphia to Boston area hospitals BSN required in most city hospitals. NY state since 2018 requires RN's with ASN/ADN and diploma degree to obtain BSN within 10 years initial licensure.

New York's new BSN in 10 law: What you need to know

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As long as you avoid university medical centers, magnet hospitals, and some big-city places, you will probably have no trouble finding a nursing job with an ADN. 

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Hired as a new grad with ADN, had to sign a contract that I'd have my BSN in hand within 3 years.

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You can absolutely get a hospital job with an ASN in CT. There is a nursing shortage here.

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It depends almost entirely on location.

In inland central California, for example, you can land a job with an ASN. Drive two hours west to the coast, and not so much.

It also depends on how competitive new grad positions are in your community, whether or not the local community college offers a nursing program, and the relationships the colleges have with the local hospitals.


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Thanks for using ASN!  It is pet peeve of mine when people put ADN as no one ever would put BDN or MDN!!  To answer the question, for a while it was that way but since the pandemic and nursing shortage any RN can likely get hired.  Some hospitals are back to hiring LPN's, which is great as that can certainly help. Maybe going back to team/pod nursing with a RN, LPN's and CNA's as a team for a set amount of patients is a good idea.  Also a good way to be a collaborative team which is sorely lacking in health care these days.


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I were hired in NYC at a Top rated Hospital with ADN. But I had a specialty. Which I still work in as an RN. But I had to sign a contract to have BSN(I were already in a program upon hire) in 3 years . So,if that answers people's questions. Yes,some do hire with ADN/ASN 


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I'm an ADN nurse, 12 yrs. Have never had a hard getting a job. The only issue I foresee is if you really want to be in a magnet facility.