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MF1679 has 20 years experience and specializes in Operating Room , Home Care Nurse , Nurse Educator.

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  1. I have been Scrubbing for 20 years. I became an RN two years ago ! Scrub role . As you know now . We are at the sterile field. You would have to know the instruments, the steps of each surgery. To anticipate the Surgical team etc . As a circulator. W...
  2. Aspiring Educator

  3. NCLEX "results on hold" - shut off at 75, with 33 SATA!

  4. MSN Nursing Education - Worth it?

    ✅??This is the reason I appreciate this Networking website .Dedicated to us. Thank you very much for your knowledge and advice. Stay safe and blessings!
  5. MSN Nursing Education - Worth it?

    Where will I find one ? Google huh! And thank you for the advice BTW!
  6. MSN Nursing Education - Worth it?

    I’ve taught already. As a Surgical Tech clinal instructor. It was great ! I loved it. I’m passionate about teaching.
  7. Aspiring Educator

    @ Rose_Queen I’m and OR Nurse as well! And where you are is my exact goal! Amen to you ! And your accomplishments. I plan to get a MSN in education. To do exactly what your doing. The comments on other pages in reference to MSN in education. Is very ...
  8. RN to BSN To MSN or RN to MSN

    To answer your question. Go RN - BSN -MSN. Or get into a BSN program then MSN. I have a BA. As well as ADN . Was offered To go into MSN program after the first 4 classes in My current BSN program. I declined and am currently in BSN route. Due to me ...
  9. MSN Nursing Education - Worth it?

    Upon reading all the post! I am reluctant to get a MSN in Education. It’s very informative and real. To know what’s the prospect for job opportunities. As well as how we are treated in the Nursing world. Thank you ! So I will go NP route.
  10. New OR Nurse Salary

    Depends on the facilities. Hospitals pay on a Experience pay scale ( most). Ambulatory Surgical Centers vary. You can more negotiate when you have experience. As a New Grad. Take the average pay scale for your area . Google it !
  11. GCU RN to BSN

    Hello,all of my fellow RN colleagues. I start officially tomorrow. First assignment due today. On Memorial Day ??! But it’s OK! Can I get a run down on what to except. I were told I only have 10 classes! Then ,now it’s 11. I red someone’s gripe ????...
  12. Facts! I let the Reps know. They have to wait until everything is set up and started before they can come in . Unless it’s a Total/ Ortho or Spine case . Also, I let the Residents and other Staff know I need to minimize compromising sterility. Etc! B...
  13. Please need some grounded advice . I’m an Operating Room Nurse.
  14. New Grad Operating Room Tips?

    Welcome to Nursing. And then welcome to The OR . Always have a small spiral pocket note pad . Make notes for each Surgeon’s preferences (outside of the facilities preference cards). Write everyone’s last name and titles next to their last names. Get ...